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If anyone else was telling you to drop your Desk and find a place to stand and work from there you would straight call him an idiot, well most of you would anyway (including me). A little background, since the dawn of the Computer Age, I have been using my system sitting down. Always finding the best comfortable spot and just ramming my ass in. Now, it's pretty standard because I used to walk and commute here and there, I wasn't required to sit hours on and on and work on the computer. There is a difference here, in the past I could take breaks, run off and wouldn't have to worry about a thing but now it's different, I work on the Internet, I earn from it and almost all my friends are on the Internet, Yes Totseans this means you.

So, the sitting approach doesn't really work out. Your ass starts to get bigger, I always had a fuckable ass which I didn't really mind but the target workouts wouldn't work on it because I would always be adding weight on it by sitting for extended hours. Human beings aren't meant to sit around and fap off to Koreans, we're hunters, we're born to fuck and eat and fuck some more, not sit around and keep hammering at the keyboard like we do now. This doesn't mean I hate any of this, I love it. Hopefully with the Laptop coming in I would get some portability and actually go out more but that's another issue.

I work from 8-16 hours a day depending on the work flow. This mean I get 16 hours of exposure to the Computer screen and I am usually sitting on the chair or on the bed. None of the positions are ideal. So far I have tried numerous chairs, none of them worked. My ass would dig in and ruin it. It's so fucking hard that's it's insane. So, a few days ago I hit the lowest point possible and got fed up. The last chair I used was just a fucking PLANK. Then I thought why the hell am I going through all this, I mean I checked up some more chairs and I saw an inherit flaw with all the chairs.

They're not ideal for long hours, yes you can take breaks but I found out that while I using a chair I tend to wander off all the time. The work wouldn't be done and I would be going back and forth. With the standing included, everything seems to require focus and you can't really do other stuff and that actually helped me do more work. Crazy isn't it. But that's not all, with the new room in place, I can do jump style and workout while working, fucking awesome I know. I knew bought a boxing kit and I am going to drill a hole and place it there.

Which means in between breaks I would be boxing :D.

Now, this doesn't mean it was easy. I got more back pains and my feet fucking hurt. Like I am wearing bandages on them right NOW. I am using a soothing balm for my back but you know what, I haven't felt this good in a long while. I actually feel positive more WORK oriented and balanced. I think ditching the chair for work was really ideal for me. I am sure it would be for you. Look, I ain't no scientist but I am a computer user and I can attest this technique works. You can sit for an hour and use the second hour for standing. You don't have to follow my foot steps. I tend to go hard core my body and I am trying to get in shape, so I have another reason for this punishment.

Look, just give it a try. You can always go back, it's hard and not everyone can do it. But if you can, bro you will love it. Here some pictures of the setup, this is exclusively for you guys.

Here is the shot from the back:


Here is what I see when I am in front of the system now:


And this is me. I had to raise everything considerably to match my height:


Yeah, that my bed sheet as well :p

An example of another innovation:
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  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    You need to leave Pakistan you are losing your mind.
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    You need to leave Pakistan you are losing your mind.

    Hmm, that could be it. But I dunno, My docs are already send to that la la place. So I might be leaving in a week or so. Not an extended visit but still a welcome change. I do have the Uni thing coming up as well.
  • soulblazersoulblazer Semo-Regulars
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    Right on... this is good advice, anyone who sits at a comp more than 4-5 hours a day shoudl rotate between Standing, and siting... anyhow, I work better standing I love it... I been doing it for a few months... I have ghetto setup like above lol, tho one could invest in this nice thing here...


  • GoingNowhereGoingNowhere Global Moderator
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    ^^ We had a few of those desks in college

    Might try it actually, maybe it would keep me more focused on my work :)

    Glad to hear your still keeping up with the Jumpstyle DFG, great stuff :D
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    So, you haven't seen my new room and table yet. I should take some snaps for you guys :D
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