Hello guys who wants to resurrect totse to the whole gloty of the golden age?

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Hello guys. I know that it is possible to reboot totseans.com to the golden age of totse. I studied how totse was concieved, what they did good and what they did wrong. I even have draws of how totse must have been in order to never lose it. If you are interested, we can all gather together and reboot the great idea of FTW.

What I am talking about is social forums, plus all the good forums that were avaiable on totse already.

With a perfect plan of logistics, perfect promotion and perfect moderation it is possible to reboot totse.

Anybody who is interested to FTW for real is welkome to partecipate right here and right now.

KNOW - THINK - ACT ( it is even possible to add LEARN if you wish).


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