Welcome to Totseans 2014 Upgrade :)

DfgDfg Admin
edited July 2014 in Help and Suggestions
We're using Vanilla and although this look a bit different, I am assure you it's for the better. For far I see many speed improvements, it loads faster, it makes sense more and I do love the structure, sure we have things missing atm and have tons of issues to resolve but I am looking forward to working on totseans for 2-3 months in the summer break.

Currently we have some issues such as Avatars don't work, BBcode are invalid and URL don't work.

For URL I have asked help here:


For Avatars, well just upload new ones, or I will have to manually rename the avatar file names.

It's basically like this:


And the name should be


I am quite sure this can be done using simple batch command but I can't think of it atm, if someone knows tell me.

Regarding Img embed and other features, just be patient, my top priority is getting wordpress integrated.

Also, Twitter/Facebook/Google sign is now enabled :D

So that's a good start, the permissions are a bit off but I will clean them up.

Overall, it's looking good. WELCOME EVERYONE!


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