Upgrades: Sony Xperia Z2 (16+64GB) + 32 GB DDR3 RAM + Samsung SSD 840 Pro 256GB

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Well, this is a good day, I got my first ever smart phone and I am loving it, it was a good decision to buy this one, the Smart Phone ENV has matured and we got 3G and 4G coming soon here. I thought it would be a good idea to jump the ship.

Next up are the planned upgrades:
AX1200i (moved to next month)
16 GB DDR3 RAM (on schedule)
Samsung Pro SSD (Bought and currently migrating data 60% complete).
BengQ 4:3 3000 Lumens Portable Projector (Already bought :D)
Projector Screen 6x6 or 8x8 (On queue)
Full Custom Closet (on queue)
Murphy Bed (custom) on queue
UPS Boxes (On queue)

But this is just the ground work for the epic system which is planned at the end of this year.

Intel 5000 Series 8 Core Processor (or 6 Cores)
DDR 4 64GB
X99 Motherboard
880TI GPU.

And in 2015 it will be panel upgrades.

Basically if I work hard enough all of this will be possible!

But no pussy in foreseeable future. Still for me UPGRADES > PUSSY.

And yes I had some, a lot of in short span, it usually got me in trouble, wasted my potential, mindfucked me and got me in fucking messed p situation. Pussy is bad for me.


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