Anti-depressant discussion. AKA - What the fuck is wrong with me (Poll also)

So recently I was re-diagnosed with depression, I hadn't been on medication for it for 6-7 years. The one I was on before worked, which was Zoloft and Zoloft I am unfortunately not allowed to take due to probation since it shows up as a false positive for benzodiazepine. They now have me on Wellbutrin (Bupropion) which is making me feel like a fucking wide awake zombie with no emotion and my nerves are shot or just fine and it works which is abnormal since they said it usually takes 8 weeks to start working but for the time being what the fuck should I do, I am tired of this up and down shit because it is making me even more depressed than normal when I am on the down side of it and going back up and being teased with how I should feel is making me as close to suicidal as I have ever been. I know I won't kill myself unless I relapse and say fuck it and OD on something, cause I would rather feel good on the way out.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Molotov GlaxoSmithKline for manufacturing this weird shit?

For the time being the only thing keeping me entertained is Totse so I am just going to post more.
Even fucking video-games don't help right now, and that was the only thing that would bring me out of my depression, so I am pretty fucked now as soon as I suck the fun out of the forum.


  • Can i huff waid?

    All jokes aside, geodon maid my brother paralyzed. We had to send him to hospital. And Aripriprazol (abilify) made him to a drugged zombie. I don't take those pills even if they prescribe em to me. Just sell em on the side
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    I'm not on anything. Sometimes i wonder if i would benefit from this kind of stuff though. The shit that goes on in my head occasionally...

    TBO i catch myself still harbouring old fashioned (and wrong) ideas that ant-depressants are for the crazy people.
  • They kinda are, they do more bad than good though
  • I'm seriously thinking at this point I am better off without them, even with the occasional uplift that is better than without it, atleast I will be stable.
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    I'm on prozac but rarely take it these days. To be honest i'm not sure it makes any real difference for me. Counselling is more effective IMO.
  • I've been counseled so much since I was 14 I could do the job myself without a textbook, but I am just batshit crazy in the first place and nothing I learned either works or I don't do it because it's some stupid shit like make funny faces in a mirror until you laugh. If I saw someone doing that shit I would think they are crazier than me.
  • I've took wellbutrin and Zoloft before, neither did much anything for me. I used to smoke, didn't even know that wellbutrin is prescribed to some people to quit (I kept on while taking it, mainly hookah some cigs). The only thing that ever helped was Lexapro, but I had a cumulative negative reaction that was pretty bad from it and I had to quit once I realized the Lexapro was causing it, the reaction was bad, but beforehand it made me feel pretty great. You might want to check that out, but be vigilant of any negative side effects within the first couple months, and it also can/will cause suicidal thoughts for the first little bit.
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    The first month in particular is hell. After that it gets better.
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