Plugin Review: Canvas Blocker

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This wasn't meant to be a plugin review but more a drunkin slur. Oh well! Here it is, Canvas Blocker for Firefox

Ok! Many of us know “Private Browsing Mode” isn’t really private at all and the same can be said for “browser plugins”.
Recently I tried out a plugin called Canvas Blocker on one of my portable browsers which is based on Firefox but seems to be misread by many sites as Safari. (Pfft, who would’a guessed?)
Anyways, what is Canvas Blocker?
The best way to explain Canvas Blocker is to let them explain it because it will save me typing and give me more prime time with this perfectly fine looking bottle of 42 below.

Canvas is an HTML5 element which is used to draw graphics and animations on a web page via scripting in JavaScript.
But apart from this, canvas can be used as additional entropy in web-browser's fingerprinting and used for online tracking purposes.
The technique is based on the fact that the same canvas image may be rendered differently in different computers. This happens for several reasons. At the image format level – web browsers uses different image processing engines, image export options, compression level, the final images may got different checksum even if they are pixel-identical. At the system level – operating systems have different fonts, they use different algorithms and settings for anti-aliasing and sub-pixel rendering.
This is the first live demo of the Canvas Fingerprinting. Below you can see if HTML5 Canvas is supported in your web browser and check whether this technique can keep track of you. In addition our little continuing research will show how really unique and persistent canvas fingerprint in real life, and whether your signature in our database (we don't collecting anything right here!).

This plugin isn’t a great asset if you’re a facebook whore or even a youtube junkie. Hell, most (if not all) popular social networking sites these days think the html5 and JavaScript combination are basically an orgasm in ones pants. However no one whores this philosophy better than google because everything google is, well, html5 and JavaScript.

Previously when I logged into gmail I could manage my accounts (Delete them from showing and shit) and now google have conveniently taken that toy from this child’s grasp, it gives the feeling of control loss if you know what I mean. Now when you sign in it remembers you signed in from that specific computer even if you don’t click the stupid box and this kind of sucked especially if you were signing in from a shared computer. (Speaking about suck, where’s that bottle) With Canvas Blocker activated this changes shit and google is like “WTF! Where’d he go?” You still can’t manage your accounts like before but at least you don’t get recognised by google. The downfall however is you can’t send or even reply to emails which I’m quite happy with if I was only reading them. If you have to reply to an important email then just deactivate/send/reactivate and reset with a browser restart, easy.

Remember them good old days when flash was all the craze and you weren’t socially etiquette if your system didn’t have flash? Many of us knew the sins of adobe flash over the last decade and youtube and google realised the future of flash would come to a close so they used html5 player over adobe flash. For you youtube whores this is a good thing because html5 is more secure than adobe flash but just remember it doesn’t keep you anonymous nor do I doubt it will keep you safe as vulnerabilities start getting discovered as time progresses.

So far Canvas Blocker breaks the HTML5 vid player and youtube vids don’t work because it uses canvas. Basically if a website wraps a canvas tag around an html5 function you can best believe that specific part that canvas tag is relevant to won’t function. In layman terms this means it will fuck certain features up on a website that relies on it. I realise, for some people youtube is an addiction which is fair enough but I won’t lose sleep because I missed a cutesy kitten getting mothered on a puppy’s penis video. Anyways, I can just wait for Dfg to upload that shit on the forums in .gif format; I’m a patient individual with lots of time to kill.

I don't fucking know because I don't have a goddamn failbook accout but maybe the staff here can confirm it for you and add it to this post. But what I do know is failbook use canvas which means if failbook is involved it must be intrusive in some form or another.

What the fuck has this got to do with private browsing mode?
I guess this is more a warning to those who like their privacy by relying on this plugin. Canvas Blocker works as intended but if you activate it in conjunction with private browsing mode this will override the Canvas Blocker plugin like a prison bitch in a cell full of bad ass dudes dressed in orange jump suits on heat. The way I see it is private browsing mode is quite the opposite of its intent and not as private as how they portray it. I could cloak this in a conspiracy theory but ahh, I’m to semi-pissed for that shit after wrestling with this goddamned keyboard and bottle of vodka for this long. My theory here is if something doesn’t serve a purpose nor does it do what it’s intended to do then get rid of that shit because worthless code just slows down my internet experience.


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