Fucking Earthquakes

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So we had a 7.5 earthquake here in NZ last night at around 12:00 am. I was laying in bed high as fuck when my girlfriend said "shit its an earthquake" me being me and having never felt one before, I thought bullshit there wasn't one. I looked up at the light and saw it swaying around before it got big enough to feel it and started to think fuck this is a bit weird. Not long after, It got bigger to the point our bedroom door flew open and I saw the doors up the hallway swinging open and closed, the house creaked and groaned and the earthquake alarm at the university started going off. By this stage I was fair shitting myself. No damage was done but my stuff in the shed was nicely rearranged and stuff had moved across my desk. It felt like being on a small boat in a storm and lasted for almost two minutes and was completely silent which surprised me as I thought they made noise when they happened. The power and internet stayed on but TV broadcasting went out for an hour or so. The house is still creaking with the aftershocks as I write this

And to think I was kinda disappointed to have missed it to start with. That feeling quickly disappeared, that's for sure.


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