Anyone know where I can find or contact him? He was the soul of &T and now his own totse site on the dark web got hacked. I need to speak with him urgently.


  • he sounds like a stellar dude........................ but on seriousness you got some onions like totse? nothing like whatever ur into but the drug stuffs?
  • KevKev
    edited March 2020
    It had a Better Living Through Chemistry subforum, yes. Joe knew everything about everything when it came to chemistry. His totse-imitating knockoff was not very active at all but now that the host got hacked and his site down, I lost my chance to get his contact info. I'll never forgive myself for this.

    He wrote a guide on home-made MDMA that you can make with cheap, legal household products without the need for any safrole, in true totse spirit. I bookmarked it but didn't save it to my computer. I'm really a wise piece of work. :(
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