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Tropico 3

VermicideVermicide Regular
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Just got this game, you play the president of a Caribbean island from 1950-2000, it's basically a city building game. You choose your background (from former Pop Singer to Secret Agent - there's about 15) then how you came to power (Military coup, communist rebellion etc. - there's about 20). Then you can run your island as an enlightened democracy with high liberty all the way to a complete military dictatorship or anything in between (build power plants that create pollution or loads of wind turbines that don't but are less efficient, focus on heavy industry or make your island a haven for tourists). So anyone played it, it's a really fun game.


  • Rumple ForeskinRumple Foreskin Regular
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    yup i have it. its a pretty good game. did you happen to ever play the first 2? they were great at the time. i think the game looks great and ive had a blast so far
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