Staring down dogs

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This is potentially a stupid fucking move, so use your basic chimpanzee judgement

1. wild, or aggressive dogs will not like this
2. do you know the dog?

I live with a vicious german shepherd which was feral for the first part of its life.
It is very aggressive and reserved, and hates men

It liked to challenge my authority, until we got into a staredown that lasted probably two minutes.

1. The dog will not like this
2. I repeat, the dog will not fucking like this

I won the staredown.

now it runs from me.

que sera.


  • wolfiewolfie Acolyte
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    I've only gotten cats to participate in stare downs with me. Dogs will just lick my face and then go pay attention to something else.

    Then again, dogs like me. I'm like the dog whisperer or some shit.
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    I've stared down an aggressive dog. The key is not to let off those fear pheromones. Just hold a hammer, give it a sincere look and feeling of being ready to fuck up its day, and it'll leave you alone. I've had a hickory walking stick which backed me up well and after looking it straight in the eyes it stopped growling and went around me. Also, if you ever do get on one you, JAB ITS FUCKING EYES WITH YOUR THUMB(S) and beat that shit bagger down. If it's on ita own, you live. If it's a pack, pray to die trying or die quickly.
  • MegalodonMegalodon Regular
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    All depends on how the dog was raised.

    Either it will look at you and get all happy and lick you and shit, or it will start snarling and get really pissed off. Dogs are strange.
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    showing your neck to a dog is a sign of submission, so i do that whenever i see a scary dog because i'm a bitch
  • MayberryMayberry Regular
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    I always have staring contests with my dog. He's evil to strangers, but very nice to friends. I always win cause I'm not distracted by sounds of pins dropping and whatnot.
  • StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
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    The last time I stared a dog down it was on the other side of a fence with a rope leash. It got pissed after a minute or so and jumped the fence but the leash was too short so it just kinda hung there with its back paws barely touching the ground. I loled
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    I used to stare at my friends dogs through the window of their house when I went to knock on his door. If they weren't at home, sometimes I'd stare for like 10 minutes. The dogs would get mad as fuck.

    One time, I went there and came inside the house... The dog went fucking insane and bit my leg, drawing blood and everything.
  • bornkillerbornkiller Administrator In your girlfriends snatch
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    I stare my dog out...all the time....usually when I'm eating.
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