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Gas Laws

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&T I need some help with Gas Laws. I will be taking General Chemistry in the fall but im getting a head start on it by studying now as I really want to make an A in it. I fully understand most concepts of chemistry including Stoichiometry, Solubility, Electron configuration, most of the Nomenclature (still need to work on acids), Redox reactions, Chemical bonding, and Atomic structure however im still having a bit of trouble with the gas laws.

I know that PV=nRT, with the gas constant being R=0.082

So with a question like "What is the volume occupied by 1 kilogram of carbon monoxide at 700C and 0.1 atm." You set it up like this:

(0.1atm)(X)=(33.3 moles of CO)(0.082)(973.15K)


(X)=(33.3 moles of CO)(0.082)(973.15K)
(0.1 atm)

>2657.3(due to significant digits) mL of Carbon Monoxide gas im assuming

I don't think im doing things right. Does anyone here have experience with this?


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    that would by i cant recall if that is the right gas constant (check your units), but yea its that easy. and as a heads up, since 0.1 has 1 sig fig, your answer should have 1 sig fig (3000 ml)

    but keep in mind that this is only the ideal gas law so it is a very basic estimate, and you will most likely be accounting for other factors such as the volume occupied by the molecules themselves.
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