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First Chem Order

Lead OxideLead Oxide Semo-Regulars
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I got to
Hydrochloric Acid
Baking Soda and Distilled Water
Sulphuric Acid
All the usual safety gear
Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide (Potassium is cheaper from my supplier)

Plus the chemicals needed for the first syntheses I wanted to carry out.

There was other stuff such as a reflux condenser and some oxidizers and metal catalysts, if I had any money left. But I'll leave those out and see if I want them later.

The only equipment which requires great expense is a mag stirrer, tbh I don't see anything wrong with a regular hot plate and a few glass stirring rods, especially on the small scale chemistry I am doing.

I'm also building up a glassware list. And that's probably going to be a few medium size beakers, some small/medium Erlenmeyer flasks, the stirring rods, and filter papers.

Thoughts ?

(This is a copy of a thread on Zoklet, most of the posters in F and B haven't moved here apart from Bunghole and a few others :( )


  • metameta Regular
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    What syntheses do you plan on carrying out?
  • Lead OxideLead Oxide Semo-Regulars
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    meta wrote: »
    What syntheses do you plan on carrying out?

    A few easy to follow ones first, I plan to do a few from Nurd Rage first, i.e Sulphuric Acid. His syntheses are easy to follow.

    I know what chemicals I will need for the various syntheses, the original thread before the database crash on Zoklet was asking about any good chemicals to have in general.
  • metameta Regular
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    Holy shit, Thats some real chemistry for ya.

    If you do this a shit ton you could possibly sell the sulfuric acid and/or copper for money!
  • stormyweathersstormyweathers Acolyte
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    ^big talk for someone who uses sparknotes to learn Avogadro's law
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