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Can you make your own fireworks?

PacinoPacino Regular
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That would be cool, where can i buy gun powder?

Im allergic to gun powder :(

Thanks for reading


  • KatzenklavierKatzenklavier Regular
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    Make it. It's not hard.
  • HazeyHazey Acolyte
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    Pig Shit ?
  • edited July 2010
    You need not only an explosive, but various compounds to add color and shine and shit.

    Then you can get creative by putting smaller fireworks inside of larger ones and things like that.
  • PsyntheticPsynthetic Regular
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    I loled at a friend who thought that all powder inside of fireworks was gunpowder.

    Later I thought about it and felt like an elitist asshole. :(
  • My Mom Is DeadMy Mom Is Dead Regular
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    Psynthetic wrote: »
    Later I thought about it and felt like an elitist asshole. :(
    I wouldn't call that elitist. Logical, yeah.
    Calling the powder in fireworks "gunpowder" sounds like grade-school. =p

    It seems to me anyone not knowledgeable enough to know that different comps are used in different fireworks, also wouldn't understand that a singular comp (BP for instance) can have different burning properties depending on how it is processed.
    (hypothetically) Knowing nothing about pyro, I could light a fountain (color changing flames), smoke ball (colored smoke), and a bottle rocket (propulsion and possible report/whistle/both) and know it's a bit of a stretch that they're all the same.
  • mashlehashmashlehash Regular
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    I'm just hear because of the stupid thread BBJ made. I guess I'll be going now.
  • stormyweathersstormyweathers Acolyte
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    making comps is incredibly easy if you have a mortar and pestle and ball mill, but putting them in the casing correctly is tricky
  • skyclaw441skyclaw441 Regular
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    Of course you can.
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