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Shit got deleted over on Zot, so I figured this would be a better place to repost.

Basically, goto this site : jalr.org, check out 'studies' in your area, and contact a company to set up a screening.

Most of these companies will give you a free health screening(simply shit), and pay you for it. I get $150(just for the screening) from a company from 'em nice and close to me.

It's an easy way to make cash, with hardly any risk, which the ISD and FCA make sure you know about, pretty quickly.

I should be able to answer some of your questions, I've done a few of these and my dadda has done a bunch.

If you want to 'pay it backward' after you've done one or two of these, you should contact me for my contact info to use as your referral, some places pay up-to $300 just for referrals.

Blah blah blah, hang yourself ONLY in oak trees...


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