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What do you think is our best chance for energy independence? What technology do you see doing the trick, and how do you think it'll take?


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    nuclear as a temporary solution until an increase in effectiveness of the more traditional renewable sources is done.

    then i hope we can get fusion up and running to supplement it.

    the problem is that if we use nuclear, we might just become complacent about it just like fossil fuels.

    though i think we should be focusing on energy efficiency more than energy production.
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    perpetual motion machines dont work :mad:
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    Wind, Solar, Tidal and Wave energy. Must employ all and every measure needed for the particular region. E.g. solar power sucks way up north but wave and tidel generators might be good.
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    Again, everything in a combination. It all depends on your region. For example, I have a soybean field and wind turbines practically right in my back yard, but geothermal wouldn't exactly be feasible here. I really don't see the big energy shift happening in the near future is the thing. I think personally that this whole public interest in green energy is just a fad and will likely pass within 5-10 years.
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    I agree that it must be a combination of things. The most promise seems to lie with solar power if we can get more efficient panels.
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    Nuclear energy imo.

    Renewable should be invested in, but it has huge land constraints.

    And nuclear is reliable compared to wind and sun.
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    Crazzyass wrote: »
    What do you think is our best chance for energy independence? What technology do you see doing the trick, and how do you think it'll take?

    'Energy independence' is a retarded idea. What we need is an integrated world electricity network. The sun is always shining in some uninhabited desert, but too many people are making money from 'traditional' sources of energy in London and New York to invest in Saharan states until the old cash cows are bled dry.
    skyclaw441 wrote: »
    I think personally that this whole public interest in green energy is just a fad and will likely pass within 5-10 years.

    Yeah, just like cars and Jesus.
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    First off, we need to step up our nuclear programs and begin recycling spent fuel (so many nukes out there, It really doesn't matter... To supplement this, and for an IMMEDIATE boost, I believe that damn near evey decent sized house/store/garage/etc should have a cylindrical (jellyfish!) wind turbine on top of them, which can capture wind from all directions. solar panels are also necessary, but should come after the turbines due to cost. In countries like India and china, non renewable energies should be taxed to pay for this shit. High voltage transmission lines and updated grids are necessary in developing nations, and they should set them up to upload energy easily. In developed countries, non renewable sources (nuclear too, but not as heavily) must be taxed and the money must be invested in research, or manufacture of SBSP...

    However, sadly, this (even with conservation) will never meet our energy needs. N the long term, there truly is only ONE way (unless fusion magically becomes possible.. Ha ha). This is space based solar power (SBSP). this involves networks of satellites in space that focus large amounts of sunlight (via parabolic mirrors, likely Mylar, which is light and easily deployable.) and focus it onto ultra efficient solar panels. Square miles. In total, hundreds of square miles. These satellites will beam The power back to Earth (eventually beamed to a spaced based relay by multiple satellites, and then beamed down in MASSIVE amounts) via microwave/high freq radio waves. The tech ology exists... However, the price is not right yet. Coal power is too cheap, and space launch is too expensive. This is why we need to tax "old energy". Eventually, these satellites WILL exist, and unless we can somehow get payloads into space cheaply, will likely be built on/launches from the moon. I believe taxes from coal/oil should go towards developing infrastructure on the moon th manufacture these satellites and launch them (via "maglev" type rail). It's the only way...
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    I have been interested for a while about the concept of 'renewable' energy to up swim's grow operation without raising electricity bills.
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    We should launch a curved network of solar panels and assembly drones into orbit around the sun in between us and venus using cheaper unorthodox (viable and completely achievable with todays technology) chemical launch systems as soon as they can make lightweight panels as efficient as the silicon ones.

    Then hook up the grid structure to a super computer with a petawatt laser aimed at a receptacle in orbit around earth or the moon. Then make the receptacle capable of aiming another laser at earth with infinitesimal accuracy or make it capable of automatically storing the energy in advanced batteries. After that you just send people up every now and then when society is running low on electricity. Only problem is figuring out how to harness the power of the fully charged laser, figure that shit out.

    Either that or we could just keep pumping out spent fuel rods and see how long it takes for our government to start selling them to the terrorists because of massive economy crushing debts.

    Kasmir effect looks promising as well maybe zpe could be involved with personal and public transportation systems.
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    What do you think is our best chance for energy independence? What technology do you see doing the trick, and how do you think it'll take?

    I'm imagining here, why don't scientist make a technology that could vacuum the light energy outside of our planet and transform it and use it as electricity. Anyways there's always a light outside right. If we could transfer the energy to the earth and use it as electricity.

    How should society view a cure for a ailment of limited duration that takes another's life to 'cure'?
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    As solar technology gets better, smaller, more efficient cells. It will get a lot cheaper, and a lot more people will be using it.

    I think a lot of the other renewable energy sources are more fad than a realistic long term solution.
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