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PC vs Console gaming

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Which do you prefer, and why?


  • BaconPieBaconPie Regular
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    Games like Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted and Gran Turismo are better on console.

    Games like Oblivion, Fallout, Starcraft and Left4dead are better on PC.

    It mostly comes down to user input - the controllers need to be different for different types of games. So, if we are just concerning games and nothing else, the PC is another console.

    We have three different machines with two types of controllers and a few exclusive titles.

    Most titles are cross platform so it's more a case of choosing your favourite games and input than it is platform.

    Oh, and that's disregarding emulators and usb controller converters...

    If I had to choose one or the other, taking in to account all things, the PC. Because I have work to do.

    (PC and PS3)
  • RolfRolf Regular
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    Rolf prefers PC, PC games, even the ports, tend to be superior in always every way... Except multiplayer FPS games (the relatively simplistic fast-paced ones, Bad Company, Call of Duty, Medal of Honour, Halo etc.) Rolf will buy on console, for only one reason: Rolf enjoys the fact that 90% of people on Xbox Live have mics, Rolf enjoys being sent whiny voice messages from twelve year old pimple-faced American kids on summer holidays. Rolf also prefers racing and fighting games on consoles, primarily because the good ones don't come out on PC.

    PC gaming is however, superior. Superior graphics, ability to pirate mediocre games (instead of having to buy them), ability to alt+tab to some porn/totse/movie Rolf is half watching, but the most important: the modding community.

    Rolf cannot imagine playing games such as Fallout, Oblivion or S.T.A.L.K.E.R without the abundance of mods that exist for these games. Sucks to be a console player, according to Rolf. Rolf would like to state that, on average, PC-specific developers tend to release more quality products, however, Rolf also states that the favourite developers of Rolf are not platform specific.
  • MantikoreMantikore Regular
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    i enjoy consoles for 3rd person action and racing games. otherwise, i prefer PC. PC also has moddability and easier piracy, which is a plus
  • Panic!Panic! Regular
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    Console, because I for one like the feeling of a controller over a mouse and keyboard, and typically like the community better. I used to be a huge PC fan but everyone tries way to hard to be a hardass.
  • MayberryMayberry Regular
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    PC for the above reasons. Also, mouse and keyboard are the best controllers.
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    PC, because I have it already :)
  • SkittlesSkittles Regular
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    Console because its way comfier on a couch than at a desk and is more 'real world' social than computer gaming as you can easily have friends over to play and learn the controls, whereas LAN gaming is a lot of effort to set up and on top of that you need some nerdy friends to play with picture.php?pictureid=1644&albumid=293&dl=1275538067&thumb=1

    Although, there are some games such as RTS and RPGs where the on-screen keyboard and slow cursor speed really makes me rage and want to play on a PC :angry:

    Console: Shooters, action, fast paced games, third and first person games.

    PC: Strategy, intricate and role-playing games
  • Icee WeinerIcee Weiner Regular
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    I don't have a good enough pc for any sort of gaming so I stick with the consoles for now.
  • BitterConflictBitterConflict Regular
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    Both of them are very good, but I have a slight bias on console games because I grew up with them.
  • DysgraphiaDysgraphia Locked
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    PC. Not only is pirating faster, but it's easier for those of us accustomed to a mouse and keyboard. There's more precision in it than using your 360 controller, at least in my case.
  • jarkofjarkof Regular
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    I have never had a computer worthy of playing games on but I am sure it has good gaming to it. But I use a xbox 360 because i dont need a good comp for that. And because I like trolling people on live. But I want to get a ps3 as well.
  • SliceSlice Regular
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    I prefer PC gaming because I have better control with a mouse and keyboard, and for the games that are better with a controller, I can plug a 360 controller in and just use that. :cool:

    -I can also mod most of my games if I like.
    -Most good multiplayer games have excellent communities that create custom content like maps I can download, all for free.
    -Playing games online is free, (except for MMO's, but I don't play those)
    -People I encounter online are generally more mature and easier to get along with than the average console gamer (Xbox live.... :mad:)
    -If they aren't they are easy to troll.
    -Games on the PC have really fucking good graphics, if your computer can run them.
    -If your computer can't, you can adjust the graphics so it can :)
    -If I want I can torrent games easily :o:o:o

    -and finally, It's really fun to build computers IMO, especially when your rig is fucking fast!
  • VermicideVermicide Regular
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    Slice wrote: »
    -and finally, It's really fun to build computers IMO, especially when your rig is fucking fast!


    PC gaming for me hands down, the major factor being keyboard and mouse (and mods).

    Console gaming has it's benefits though. Like I would never play a GTA game on PC because they're just made for consoles.
  • PigPig Regular
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    Console, but only because I've never really bothered to get the hardware to play newer games.
  • KatzenklavierKatzenklavier Regular
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    Nothing beats the commodore 64.
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