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What do you consider cheating?

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I wanna know your fucking opinions on this shit, got it?

Anyways, for me there's two major factors that come into play.

1. If I'm there or not. Usually I don't care as much if I'm with a girlfriiend andshe hugs some other guy or something. If I'm not and I know she's with someone I know she'd hug or some shit, I get that small twing of jealous or whatever.

2. How much I like the girl. If I don't like her much I'm obviously not going to give two fucks about what she does. If she goes too far I break up with her, simple as that. Now if I like her a lot on the other hand.. I'll get that jealousy feeling if she even hangs out with a guy, let alone touching him. But I'm pretty sure I just get that feelling cause I wouldn't want to lose her.

Cheating misdemeanors: excessive touching, long hugs, flirting, etc

Cheating felonies: sex and shit obviously, sending him pictures, having pictures of him on your phone, sleeping in the same bed as him, going to the movies with him, etc


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    To me cheating is doing something sexual/romantic outside of the "terms" of your relationship. We're the kind of people who hug everyone and kiss our relatives. So I think it just depends on the intent behind the actions?

    Also I think a part of it has do with honesty/whether you try to continue the relationship as if nothing happened. I'm not sure I could call it cheating necessarily if he just said "Hey I'm going to fuck so and so today". I think that's called moving on. That or trying to tell me he wants to change the "terms". I just feel like cheating has that element of deceit. If that's not there, I really don't know if I could call it cheating
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    There's a line between cheating and feeling jealous though. If she sees another guy, I get jealous but its not cheating at all. I guess if she started seeing another guy more than me, then I might get a little angry.

    Cheating involves anything sexual outside of the relationship. So, kissing other guys etc.
  • abrnabrn Abrn
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    Absolutely anything involving anything of sexual, close contact, hugging, kissing, flirtactious nature at all. Me and my girlfriend have been together 5 years and I would fuck her up if she did some "borderline" cheating shit.
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    If she flirts with another guy without the intention of using her looks to steal stuff from the guy's stupid ass for being such a baited loser, then that is cheating for me.
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    Hugging is the new greeting. It's replaced shaking hands for teenagers. It's hilarious because in latin america you greet people by shaking the hand or kissing (1 or 2 depending on country). If you leave anyone out, they get pissed at you. Here people are like "sup" and that's it. Kinda funny to me but off topic.

    Cheating to me is doing something sexual you've agreed not to do or you know you shouldn't be doing. Kissing/touching/fucking/sucking are all cheating unless you're in an open relationship. There's physical cheating and emotional cheating. Emotional cheating might lead to physical cheating. I don't care if my girl masturbates to other guys or whatever. I jack off to porn so why would I care about that? I'd be mad if she kissed other guys, slept in the same bed or went on dates with them. Obviously you need to let people keep friendships and have their own space. I go to movies with girls who are just friends. I drink with girls who are just friends. I'm not interested in them, though, so I wouldn't ever make a move. Not even drunk. If they had bfs I'd make sure they knew that and could therefore respect my friendship. I'd hang with those guys and become friends with them too.

    Some people I know will fuck other people and not consider it cheating because they both can do it. To me that's crazy, but it shows that cheating is relative and really depends on the expectations of both people.
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