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So I made some Blend

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I made some spice blend with damiana leaf and JWH 018. Shit turned out real good. Smokes real nice and at 20MG per gram concentration

ok well after doing lots and lots and lots of research (like i said) i decided that this was the best route to safely mess w/ this stuff (jwh-018).

it's basicly making a home/custom version of "spice" or "k2" at a fraction of the cost. (i know they use slightly different combo of a cpl other ingredients, but i decided on the things that i did after reading literally hundreds of reviews and experiences all over the net)

here is a break down of what i used:

- jwh-018 ($45/gram)............i used 0.14 gram(For 10mg per gr) = ($5.85)

the herb blend i made:
- damiana ($3.50/oz).............i used 10.5 grams = ($1.31)
- mullein ($0.85/oz).............i used 2.5 grams = ($.03)
- peppermint leaf ($1/oz)........i used 1 gram = ($.04)

total......................... ................. 14 grams of blend
total cost including jwh-018 = $7.23 or ($0.52/gram)

.....i only did the small amt. to start w/ and still have enough jwh to do the same recipe 7 more times.

ive used it several times the past 2 days, and i can't tell the difference between this and weed at all....(and i'm comparing to my homegrown), not junk weed. the effects and duration of the high to me is exactly like a good indica/sativa cross.

the taste is not like weed tastes ok, kind of floral/earthy like's not too bad tho.'s awesome for something that acts just like weed, and won't show up on a drug test and only cost $15/oz....i think some of you guys will find this helpful

feel free to add any advice, comments, suggestions, or any questions...ill do my best to help w/ whatever i can


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