Totse Photoshop Contest 2: Inventions!

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So I was looking through Dfgs' thread about 'The Attenborough Design Group' and how they found ways to defend technologies through the use of behaviours found in nature. Some products of theirs include the "Gesundheit Radio, which sneezes periodically to expel potentially damaging dust, Floppy Legs - the portable floppy disk drive which stands up if it detects liquid nearby, and the AntiTouch Lamp, which sways away from you if you get too close to it’s sensitive halogen bulb".

Contest: Photoshop your idea on how we can create or improve certain technologies through the use of a behaviour found in nature.

A carpet that gets clean by licking itself then coughing up carpetballs? Or how about petal curtains that open during the day to take in the sunlight, then close during the night? Could try a maildogbox that receives your mail, and brings it straight to your lap? With enough training it could learn to chew up the junk mail or even chase away the person that delivers it!

Rules and Specifications:
  • Must be digitally created, or manipulated by you
  • Captions are allowed - clearly state what you want as its caption or invention title
  • Illustrations are allowed (MS Paint, Adobe Illustrator, etc.)
  • Contest closes in 2 weeks (ends 29th of August). After that entries will be gathered up and put into a voting thread for 1 week.
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