My Official Review of the VaporGenie

HippieTrippieHippieTrippie Regular
edited July 2010 in Man Cave
So, after a few months of waiting, I bought a standard black wooden VaporGenie for $55 (mark up is at $65.).


After loosely packing a small amount of weed into the chamber area, I put the top back on and start vaping it. The flame with a BIC lighter gets really hot on the lighter, I would recommend a torch.

It tastes exactly like a normal vaporizer. Its very clean, easy cleanup, no smoke, and no smell. Its a bit odd looking and in the method, but the high is nice.

Its like your normal head/mind high without the stoner couchlock heaviness, cottonmouth, and red eyes.

I would recommend it to anyone, but you really do need a piezo-electronic or torch lighter, because a bic gets really hot and the flame burns your hand.


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