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If you see something happen in the street, such as an old woman getting mugged or someone stealing a car - would you call the cops or just turn a blind eye to it?

Personally I'd probably turn a blind eye to it, more often than not. I don't think I could be bothered to with all the hassle of calling them and answering questions, etc.


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    My girlfriend saw some woman on the floor having a fit and bleeding everywhere, right next to a load of bystanders waiting for a bus who were doing absolutely shit all to help the woman. I think my girl called the ambulance for her, haha.
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    Three letters: A S P.
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    In recent months, ive become a bit of a ... i dont know what word to use, but cross between a survivalist and vigalante, but not really like them at all. basically, ive become prepared at least slightly to deal with situations every time i leave the house. i dont know how it happened. i started just carrying a flashlight and multitool, then a lighter, then duct tape then a mini crowbar (stored in my bag), then my most recent development is a fairly well stocked first aid kit. the weird thing is that ive found enjoyment in such preparation and reading about ways to apply the tools that i carry. i dunno, perhaps im having delusions of heroism

    anyway, i would probably rush to aid someone if they needed help, unless it would be stupidly dangerous for me to do so. at worst, i would still call the cops or something, then assist once the danger has cleared.
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    I would pull a Kick-Ass, and kick ass! :o

    Not really, unless something really messed up was happening. But otherwise, there's not really much I could do on the spot since I don't have a cell phone.
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