Piercing rant

edited September 2010 in Spurious Generalities
I can't fucking stand the things. Certain ear piercings can be really cool, but whenever I see someone with a stupid lip/eyebrow/toung piercing I have the burning urge to grab it and rip it out!

Ear guaging/stetching is the latest thing, and probably the one I hate the most. I have a brilliant idea. I'm going to start carrying around one of those huge padlocks and the next person I see with stretched ears, on goes the padlock! The only way for them to remove it will be to either have it sawed off with an angle grinder (hardly safe) or have the lobe cut.

My other fantasy is to take a guy with a huge piercing through his cock, chain it to a desk or some other heavy object and set the room on fire. Either he burns alive or is forced to rip his dick apart.

Does anyone else share my hatred of piercings?


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