Whats in your stash?

Rumple ForeskinRumple Foreskin Regular
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what do you keep in your stash spot? pictures would be greatly appreciated :)

heres mine

ive got 2 packs of swishers, rolling papers, grinder, seed jar, about 6.5 grams of weed, 2 lighters, tray for rolling, the bong, and an extra mason jar.


  • electric wizardelectric wizard Acolyte
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    A half gallon of cheap rum, a carton of camel turkish royals, a foot tall glass bong, pack of ez widers, glass bowl, and a spare lighter
  • Pile of JewsPile of Jews Regular
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    Countless Bics, an O of some high-mids, about a half bottle of Hydrocodone, some whiskey shooters, and 5 hits of acid I am saving for a rainy day.
  • AltindAltind Regular
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    Bong, ashtray, chop bowl, scissors, stoke, lighter, matches.
  • CrashwangdoodleCrashwangdoodle New Arrival
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    My old stash, in my "secret" box



    My new stash, after basically the old stash either died or got confiscated :thumbsup:


  • duuudeduuude Regular
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    Rolling papers and a grinder. :( no weed or bowl since I just broke my last piece. :(:(
  • zanickzanick Acolyte
    edited September 2010
    Homemade bong (2 liter soda bottle + glass slide)
    A broken glass bong (used to be soooo nice too :()
    A BiC lighter
    A tea infuser and a coffee grinder (dunno if these count though...)
    Soda cans (for ashtrays haha... again, not sure if they count)
    three packs of rolling papers + a rolling machine (I know it's cheating, but they always come out so perfect :))
    filters for making my own ciggs
    a nitrous cracker + 2 balloons (I had a pack of 10 iSi cartridges but I used them all up hehe)
    2g of muffins kickass herbal incense (it's amazing and for a great price; PM him on Zoklet, or here if he's on &T.info)
    a few dozen Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds
    1500 morning glory seeds
    about a 1/2 oz of Calea zacatechichi
    about a 1/2 oz of Mugwort
    1 oz of Sinichuichui
    1g of 25x Blue Lotus extract
    1/4g of Kanna
    1g of 40% kava extract
    1 oz of Damiana
    50 yopo seeds
    ~1200 poppy seeds
    a cheap, generic, digital milligram scale
    300 Jimsonweed seeds
    2 12cc syringes of Amazonian cubensis spores
    51" of San Pedro to extract or make into tea
    around 3g of extracted DXM freebase powder
    ammonia, naphtha, funnels, pyrex dishes, etc. for extractions

    plus I have 5 sample ciggs of Nicotania rustica (mapachos) and another 3g of herbal incense coming in the mail along with a humidifier and mason jars for the shrooms.
  • Tiny_Penis : (Tiny_Penis : ( Regular
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    that is quite complex, sir
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