Make a Home made bong. [Published]

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Everybody has had to macgyver a piece at some point in there smoking career. Ive discovered the perfect way to make a Bong that rival's even some store bought ones.

What you'll Need

If you go to the dollar store they sell a Green St Patrick's day beer cup. There Shaped just like a bong would be. I know the one near me sells them year round. The only image I could find was one from Zoklet. Someone on there apperently made the same thing Im talking about.
  1. Duck Tape
  2. Something to punch a hole in it.
  3. A pen tube
  4. A Socket 34810.jpg

Making the Bong
  1. Now that you have what you need make a hole just above the base of the soon to be water pipe.
  2. Insert the Pen tube in the hole
  3. Put Ducktape around where you inserted this and make it completely air tight.
  4. Fix the socket onto the end of the pen tube for the bowl.
  5. Punch a hole to make the shotgun. I always put it towards the top of the bong.
  6. If you make this completely air tight I can guarantee you that it will hit as hard as any store made bong. I used one of these for close to a year and it worked perfectly.
  7. Buy bud
  8. Get baked

How to Use
Use it like any other water pipe you own. Fill it up with ice for smoother larger hits. Another bonus with this piece is unlike glass its nearly indestructible. Also it's easy to take apart if you ever have to.


  • CrashwangdoodleCrashwangdoodle New Arrival
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    I like using the perrier water bottles for my homemade bongs because they can hold a lot of smoke and they look pretty cool. And they make me feel fancy when i smoke out of them:p


    Hahaha same! Although the bottle in France looks even more badass :thumbsup:

  • zanickzanick Acolyte
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    This is amazing. I'm gonna make one of these tomorrow I just decided.

    And I thought my improvised 2 liter soda bottle bong was the shit. haha
  • thewandererthewanderer Regular
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    Taken from: BLTC
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