Totse Photoshop Contest 3: What is This Lady Doing?

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What is This Lady Doing?


Is she sprouting wings? Evolving into a frog? Or maybe even charging up for an energy blast? :o


Photoshop this image and modify it in any way you want.

Rules and Specifications
  • The image must be digitally manipulated by you
  • Captions are allowed - clearly state what you want as its caption or include it in the image
  • Illustrations and the use of other programs are allowed (Gimp, MS Paint, Adobe Illustrator, etc.)
  • Contest closes in 2 weeks (ends 19th of September). After that entries will be gathered up and put into a voting thread for 1 week.
bornkiller wrote: »
inb4 the birth of Toothlessjoe.

Damn, he called it first.


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