Police searches in houses....

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I've always wondered how thorough the police are when they believe your selling weed or other drugs out of your house. Do they tear apart everything? Do they have dogs? Do they check all around the property?

Anyone ever had their house searched?


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    I'm pretty sure that once they have the warrant, they'll tear the place up if they know they'll find something. Dogs included.
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    If you have to keep a stash (i.e., you're a weed dealer) you should rub down every surface in your house with a bag that has weed in it. It will contaminate every surface in your house. That way, dogs will hit on EVERYTHING in your house, making them useless. Just find a really good hiding spot for the stash and you'll probably get away with it.

    The police will be pissed off and will tear your house apart, hence the need for a really good hiding spot.
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    If I recall correctly, they must know for sure that you are committing crimes by sending in an undercover agent. That sort of evidence is legally admissible. Also, "reasonable suspicion" (i.e. the smell of cannabis smoke, legal OR illegal paraphernalia, suspicious plants. Also, neighbors can warrant (not get a legal warrant, but kinda solicit attention) them to come a knocking and see what's going on.

    EDIT: An example of narcotics law's "reasonable suspicion"


    As to their thoroughness, it's a given. If they can do crime forensics, they can find a bag of weed.
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    Yay APD is back :)

    back on subject:
    Yes once they have a warrant they can take all of your shit and toss it everywhere and look through every insignificant thing in your house that they please. They most likely won't fuck your house up if you let them in before they need to get a warrant because it saves them time and trouble and they will also be much more kind to you (but that depends on the situation).

    I'm glad to be back. :D Thank'ee much for the support guys. Right now I've got school going on, but I think adding this should be no problem for the juggling thing.

    Also, Todd McCormick is one example of the less-than-cordial response of the DEA to a cooperative and non-violent person.
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    Yeah rub everything down. Another idea in addition to that you might want to try is getting a weatherproof box to keep it in on your roof or in your yard or something in the meantime while they search everywhere in your house for the shit.
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    I used to have a lock box/safe thing bolted in a hole under my fridge. Best hiding spot ever. You had to move the fridge then crack the combo lock.
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    I think a weatherproof box would work well. However, you need to be able to easily access it and if YOU can access it, so can the cops.
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    Yes, if they have a warrant and are looking for drugs they are going to have drug sniffing dogs and will go through every inch of you house to find 3 prescription Tylenol not in the original container and can charge you with a god damn felony.
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    Rambo wrote: »
    I used to have a lock box/safe thing bolted in a hole under my fridge. Best hiding spot ever. You had to move the fridge then crack the combo lock.

    Not the best spot ever, dogs can still smell it and they'll move your refrigerator. If they have a warrant, they'll just open your safe.
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    They can do whatever the fuck they want. They raided my friends house because they thought he was selling pills. Tore the entire place up, even cracked all the eggs in his refrigerator onto the counter top and just left it like that. The cops already hated him though, they were definitely just sticking it to him.

    At the end of the day they left with 23 grams of herb. :facepalm:
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    If they don't find anything when they're searching your house and tearing apart everything the first time, they'll bring dogs if they're completely sure that you're selling weed out of your house in order to find it. Just find a good spot and put your material in there. Whether it be under the floor, in an attic, hidden somewhere in a basement. Or if you're truly paranoid about hiding your stash, you should probably hide it out of the house so that when the cops do possibly kick down the door they'll be able to find nothing. Just invest in one of those little black boxes with a lock and key, find a area reasonably close to your home but hidden, drop it off in there and then come back to your little black box whenever you need to see your stash and then sell the bags you get from it. Just make sure its not hidden anywhere where a 13 year old will be able to find it, otherwise your weed is going to get smoked by a bunch of middle schoolers that were just going outside and screwing around.
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    I watch that "DEA" show once in a while, and given the relentless searches these guys do, you might as well just toss it behind the couch. If you are flogging hard and making a lot of money, chances are if the cops show up someone you just sold to ratted you out and they know you have a stash, and they will do everything short of a wrecking ball to find it. Don't cooperate for gods sake, even if they say it will help you, it won't, and there is still a slim chance they will overlook your stash.

    Then again if it is just a couple of cops showing up at your door for a noise complaint, and they smell some grass, they actually have very few legitimate reasons to initiate a thorough search. If they see stuff in plain site, they will get aggro and try to find out whose it is, but unless they have good info on you having a major stash, they're just bluffing and trying to sweat that emo girl that looks like she is just about to cry and rat out the owner of the bag. Stay cool, don't babble, you are a rock.
    "no, officer, the dog really has a bad drug problem"
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    In that video, NeverGetBusted, That guy said to not open the door for the cops, because they'll just bust through and go through your shit anyway. If cops knock on your door, just talk through your window and don't let them into your house unless they have a warrant.
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