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  • Cool. I figured this was a creative bunch, I have a fantasy short story I have been working at on and off for a little bit now that I will probably finish up at work tomorrow and post for everyone's scathing criticism. Things have been nuts at my house with a new baby so work has now become personal project time.
  • God damn. Meh I hadn't watched one of those movies since the first the one, but fuck that is awful.
  • Bump! Yisss Sirrr.
  • Buuuummmp! Reunited and it feels so good! Been six long years since the last time.
  • I have both, 5 cats and a dog. It's a goddamned zoo in my house. I prefer the cats but our dog is pretty cool, they get along quite well. In fact our 70 pound lab/pit bull mix sleeps on the arm of the couch like a cat, fucking species confusion I think. Two of the cats are mine, both are monstrously large Tom cats, one is…
  • Yeah the more comes out the more it looks like the guys riding were trolling in mass. There are always stupid gits in any group and the larger the crowd the more there are. Sad it turned out the way it did, video is a great look at why you should carry, but I have heard it is near impossible to get one in New York.
  • Fuck yes this game is amazing! I bought it release night, and have been hooked ever since. Trevor is now one of my favorite game characters of all time.
  • Yeah that kinda seemed like a situation of everyone acting some degree of stupid. Also mutherfucking fuck tail gaters. Oh and I like the ball bearing idea TDR, wonder if I can make that work from inside my car :D On a second viewing it kinda seems like they were fucking with the guy in the SUV, hard to say as who knows…
  • Glad to see that your in a good place now brother. It feels fucking nice to get your story out in the air sometimes huh? Lot of similarities in our stories, this last year I too finally decided to take some proactive steps in dealing with depression and anxiety. I still struggle but it is starting to look like there is a…
  • Sucks to hear about your collection
  • Best wishes on the surgery brother. Keep us informed best ya can.
  • Looks a bit different around here, I like it. Maybe a shake up would bring in some new blood and get things moving again.
  • Damn that is a guilty looking picture. Also how fucking hard is it to fence your yard, I hate it when people just let their dogs roam free, that shit has caused me so many problems that these days I shoot those fuckers with 4/10 bird shot on sight.
  • Darkhorse does a great job with their Conan stuff, worth checking out if you are into their stuff.
  • Huh, never heard of translucent shorts before. Guys like that should be castrated, beaten, and have pedophile branded on their forehead. BAM! problem solved.
  • Fuck this is cool. I will have to come up with something. I have been wondering for awhile whatever happened to this idea. Who knows may bring some new blood to the site. We need some informational content to, that would be cool.
  • I know how finding a rental is with pets, I have four cats and a pit/lab mix. Most cities in my area have anti pit ordinances on top of the shear number of animals. Also my dog is great friends with my cats, of they are raised around them they seem to get on just fine.
  • I found out a long time ago that a dowel rod wedged into the windows track makes a lot harder to get into without breaking the window out.
  • Hmm, most expensive pieces are likely my original 4 issue run of Frank Millers Batman Year One. The lot may would go from 100 to 120. I don't really go after big money books, just ones that interest me. I also have every issue of the original Age of Apocalypse event.
  • That is the most fucked up and bizzare thing I have read in awhile. At first I was like "no way..." then I saw Thailand and was like "ah makes sense".
  • Fuck it, lets pool all of our resources and start our own country. I say we all get noble titles though, you know just cause who dosen't want to be an Archduke?
  • Cool. I think I may have a mercury dime as well. I collect all kinds of odd stuff as well, I have old ration cards from ww2, campaign buttons from one of Eisenhower's campaigns, an old blunderbuss that's been in the family a long ass time. A bunch of boxing manuals from the 1920's back to the early 1800's. Just whatever…
  • My wife does, I am sort of into it. Wheat pennies mostly, we have at least a hundred. We also have assorted other coins, I have a roman counterfeit from 350 A.D. and a few coins from Napoleonic France.
  • Yeah I know how it goes, this really the only game I have been playing here lately. Shit is just too busy to really game the way I used to.
  • I was on the fence about this movie but since you recommend it I will give it a shot.
  • oh I meant to link to these last night but all I had the time was my phone and it was too difficult to do it from that piece of shit, anyway these are video tutorials that make getting started a hell of a lot easier with this game. There is a video covering…
  • Yeah man just stick with it, it pays off in the end. Find the quick start guide on the wiki and follow it and you should get your first fort up and running. I quit on it once or twice but after following the guide I got the hang of it. You may also try the adventure mode for a bit to get familiar with the lay out, it too…
  • The game has a steep learning curve, but they have an excellent wiki with a quick start guide that will have you set up in no time. Also just ask me if you have any questions, I am no master but I have the basics down. Anyway go to the wiki, seriously it is the best way to learn the game, look up the fortress mode quick…
  • Well sounds like you had a bit of a rough go but things are turning out for the best. I am damned glad to hear things are looking up for you, I hope all continues to go well. Always thought owning a bar sounded cool, I imagine you would be rather good at it.
  • *lights candles, finishes drawing pentagram on floor* Let this act of thread necromancy commence! Seriously I have been playing the fuck out of this game lately. This game is the poster boy for emergent experience, I finally got off my ass and learned how to play the fort mode. My last one ended with a goblin siege, my…
  • Yeah the only truly private form of communication these days is face to face, secluded area, no phones present with someone you can trust. You know I see people get all worried about big brother and the like intruding on their privacy but most of the fucking country facebooks or tweets every god damned thing they do. Shit…
  • Honestly I figured this shit was going on years ago. Anyone who doesn't think an ISP won't roll over for the Feds is silly.
  • I am doing nothing, thats right fucking nothing, finals are over and I have earned it.
  • I believe there is an article around here somewhere on dogs? Maybe you should check into that, or you know put some effort into getting a woman.
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  • No come to Arkansas! We can shoot a bunch of guns, hang out in shitty trailers, smoke meth and oh.... you know what NZ is probably a better idea
  • As a huge fan of the first two Fallout games, seeing this gave me a massive erection. That dude has got some skills, also ridiculous amounts of free time.
  • It does seem a bit odd, doesn't it? The trend in the last decade or so has been for some group of asshats to jump right on the bandwagon and claim responsibility.
  • Think you may have found the eh? Fantastic! Speaking of big news just got done with my wife's 8 week doctors appointment, we got to see the heartbeat. I must say it was a fucking sobering moment in an awe inspiring sort of way. Looks like things may just work out for us this time.
  • Fuck, this is why we can't have nice things! On the radio this afternoon they were saying that handful of packages were found around the area and that at least a few of them were likely bombs as well. One of the two killed was only 8, that is fucked up.
  • Those screen shots are from the first two Bioshock games I believe. Also cool shit.
  • Fuck bicycles, every time I ride one my nuts hurt for days. Also I am secretly jealous of people who ride them well because I have always sucked at it. Used to be a pretty cool hand with those little scooters though.
  • I am not really worried about nuclear weapons in this situation. I do think that eventually things are going to come to a head with NK. Just call it intuition on the part of someone who grew up on and around a military installation but I figure we have all sorts of assets being moved that way, just feels like it to me.…
  • If that was my child I would beat them like a rented mule. You never fucking ever sell out family much less your own fucking parents, even if they are scum or some shit.
  • Damn. Motherfuckers be all kinds of crazy these days. This has to stop! Someone draft up the petition to ban knives, it's the only solution! *End Sarcasm*
  • My thinking on this is along the same lines as (nameless one). If it is anything external it is likely some sort of temporal disturbance relating to some sort of unknown interaction of known natural processes. I myself have experienced some weird shit with electrical disturbances. I am highly sensitive to them, for…
  • commenced to fisting
  • I believe there have been some reprints of the Savage Sword of Conan stuff, I ought to look into them. Also no it is never too late to get into comics, most of the comic store owners I have talked to over the years said their average customer was between 20-30. I spend roughly 20 bucks a month on comics and collect 4…
  • Fuck that blows. Hope insurance gets to work on it fairly quickly, glad no one was hurt.
  • I would agree with that on the meth issue, hospitals use all sorts of amphetamines with little ill effect. Of course I think many of the health problems associated with substance abuse in general stem from the lifetsyle that tends to go along with it. Most of the meth heads I knew ate shit food, lived in shit places, and…
  • a large Orangutan