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  • Played this the other day. Sorry bros - they might as well have named this "Call of Dukey: Modern Whorefare" for all the originality it has. It's Duke alright, but it plays nothing like DN3D. Lame jokes that where funny a decade ago are plentiful, as is the virtual booty (no shit, chicks all over this game).
  • Old news to be sure, bros. I remember there was a thread on Zoklet about this, pretty much filled with people downloading it just for the controversy it caused. But seriously. What the fuck, Japan.
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  • Haha, I made a PSX emulation guide and posted it on this board. Might've wanted to try that, but then again, how where you to know it existed? :p
  • Bros before hoes. But seriously now. It looks like you need a better lady. Not all of them are so self centered (though many are). The same could be said for men. You're no better than any woman. Look at the way you judge them so carelessly. You're just as superficial.
  • You need to chill a little, bro.
  • Cheers everyone. I can count two communities I've been banned from (one because I made a joke and they missed the point and another because they didn't like pun threads [?]) and one that shut itself down because of how asspained the community was.
  • I've heard of several sites being taken down. And this is the fifth time I've seen that image in the OP. So I guess it is happening.
  • Aussie here. In Australia, pistols are restricted to club use only, and you have to be licensed to use them. Same goes for rifles/shotties, but you can use rifles for hunting too.
  • This is... stupid. Why would you do that. Just why. Congratulations, you've just placed a legal roadblock for all researchers and have hindered our sciences.
  • tipicall merrikan leaderz :mad: But speaking seriously here. "Bound by prudence to support our South Korean allies" and "We cannot reward bad behaviour" What's the problem here?
  • Since BK could use a laugh to loosen up a little Why are divorces so expensive? Because they're worth it. What's the difference between acne and a catholic priest? Acne usually comes off a boys face when he turns 13
  • I spoke w/ numjum - he told me he wasn't fucked to pay the bill. Was he bullshitting or was he stoned?
  • Boone makes this game easy mode D:
  • I think Trinidad managed to net a couple of gold medals in cycling or swimming or something. But a few medals is nothing. Take a look at the fucking Tallies. Australia in first place with 74 Gold medals. 74 fucking medals. Next highest? It's India. With 38. Yeah. 38. That's a difference of…
  • American bros, doesn't your constitution allow for freedom of speech?
  • GUYS THOSE MUZLIMS ARE DESGRASING NEIN ELEVEN TERRORIST SITE SCARY TERRORIST MUZLIMZ I am just... shocked. American bros, is this really how it is up there? Most Aussies are indifferent and don't give a fuck which is still pretty ignorant, but christ, this is taking ignorance to a whole new level. I hate this world…
  • The Commonwealth games are a joke. You've got, what, Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales against Samoa, Trinidad and Jamaica? Seriously? Why even bother? The third world countries are clearly disadvantaged. This whole thing may as well be renamed to Australia vs Canada vs the UK. :facepalm:
  • My playing style is somewhat awkward. As soon as I encounter an opponent, I instantly (see: reflexively) crouch and fire. Never, ever spray. Make sure you get used to the aiming and recoil system. If you can't see where you're being shot from, don't worry about it, just get away. Chances are you're dead anyway. Dieing is…
  • Uh, let's see... Final Fantasy III Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Spectral Force Genesis Fallout 2 Sengoku Rance (lol) The Spirit Engine 2 Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst and Phantasy Star Universe, if MMOs count. Minecraft Alpha Samidare Elona Exit Fate ...And I haven't payed a cent for any of 'em (though some of…
  • I've heard a lot about this game. I thought that it was available on steam for free, guess I was wrong. Anyway, I guess I'll try it out sometime. Question: How bad is the weaboo factor in this game? Is it bad enough to make you cringe? Because I can't stand that shit.
  • I've heard a lot about this game. I thought that it was available on steam for free, guess I was wrong. Anyway, I guess I'll try it out sometime. Question: How bad is the weaboo factor in this game? Is it bad enough to make you cringe? Because I can't stand that shit.
  • Looks like no-one bothered to research properly, bro. Though I wouldn't jump to conclusions so easily, given a reliable source. Still, that's the only article I could be bothered to find, and it only suggests a relation, so no, swallowing your man-juice will not lower her chances. Keep an open mind, bros. EDIT: Hahaha. I…
  • This. And it had an amusing anti-piracy system, where it would check with a server to make sure your key was legit. If it wasn't, it would scare you with an angry message containing your IP address. lool
  • We cannae wait fer this woon, captin
  • The Xbox is considered to be the best when it comes to multiplats. As to why, I have no clue. They've both got their own benefits (Mass Effect 1, Halo series, GOW 2 and 3 for xbox, Uncharted 1 and 2, mag, killzone, resistance etc for ps3) and each their own flaws (Project Natal, xbox live, Sony Move, etc). shit, ill post…
  • Nice.
  • Wishing bornkiller all the best with his OS troubles.
  • Devil Survivor. Noaya's route, when everyone in your team leaves you (because they don't like the idea of taking on god) except Atsuro (even though he also disagrees but he sticks around because he doesn't want to ditch MC [you]) . Wow. Spoilers to the max.
  • Move support for MAG? This could be either good or bad, depending on how it turns out. We saw some amazingly fluid motion controls in first person titles on the Wii such as the Conduit and Metroid Prime 3. Will Sony emulate their control scheme? Or will they devise their own unique formula?
  • I do support the majority of labor's policies, with a few exceptions. What I find scary is that opinion polls are at 50-50. The election's tomorrow, too. If Abott wins, I will lose all faith in Australia's people.
  • I'll have to agree here, bros. Make it say totse for now, we can deal with the politics later.
  • No. It will only encourage more Zokletardedness.
  • Sorry bro, my internet borked recently. I'm sure it's simple enough - Google around, you'll get there. Try Coolrom for iso files.
  • Just as an update. I heard on ABC radio the other day the the Greens don't have preference For labor anymore. Thoughts?
  • MC alpha is completely different from MC classic. In classic, you build shit, as opposed to Alpha, where you actually mine and craft shit in order to survive from monsters and such that appear at night time. I can link you all to an offline, pirated version of alpha if you like. EDIT: Did I mention you build forts? Fuck…
    in Minecraft! Comment by BigBro August 2010
  • Once vaporware, always vaporware. I've gotten over it.
  • I disagree, bro. I'm quite an avid RPG fan. Speaking of which, I've recruited every single character in Suikoden Tierkries and Suikoden II, and I've levelled at least 2/3 of my Tierkries characters and purchased them all good weapons and armour. Unfortunately, you only need 4 good characters to beat the game. So I was…
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  • Definitely. One of my favourite DS games is being remade just for the system. No way I'd miss it.
  • It is. One dude called Notch, living in Sweden apparently. Here's a quick guide on getting into the game like a p/bro: 1. Visit 2. Register and download their client. Trust me. If you want to build shit like a bro, the browser will not do. 3. Follow their instructions to download the…
    in Minecraft! Comment by BigBro August 2010
  • Reccomendation to all bros: stay the fuck away from 360 controllers or controllers styled like the 360 controller. Go for a PS style controller instead. Trust me on this one, the analog stick is a horrible way to play on the PSX (most games did not have analog support) and the tiny d-pad is simply not sufficient.
  • To all fellow bros, If your phone has a decent processor, you can get it working. Simply get MEboy (Google for it). Read up on how to use ROMs with it, then download a GBA Rom of your choosing. I prefer the pokemon games or any card based games you can find. Remember, it's called MEboy.
  • I'll have to agree, bro. This is probably the most Zoklet-arded thread I've seen in this forum. Some people should have just stayed at Zoklet.
  • Actions of the Government, not of the religion. Did Moses come down and tell the Israeli government to do this? No. Think about it for a second. They are ruining the name of the Jewish faith. Your prejudices are a proof of that. If an athiest ran out and killed a few people, then it would be easy to associate athiesm with…
  • Brobump. Without a doubt, the torrent I found is read so much better than the YouTube video in the OP. The torrent actually reads the book while the 'audio book' in the OP just acts it out, which is very awkward, considering how books are so dependant on adjectives to describe the environment. Anyway, it was a fantastic…
  • Holy fuck. Randy-motherfucking-Cotoure. Silvester-motherfucking-Stalone. ARNOLD-MOTHERFUCKING-(checks spelling)SCHWARZENEGGER
  • A religion does not make a person better or worse, bro. Christian, Muslim, Pagan or Scientologist, your personality is not defined by your religion. I will however, note that a specific religious upbringing may affect your attitudes on certain things (someone raised christian may not like the idea of abortion, someone…
  • OP, it wasn't shit that blocked the toilet, it was excess toilet paper.
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