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  • If you wear a suit INFORMALLY without the bankroll in your pocket to swagger properly, you are doing it wrong. When you do this without a fancy car or the ability to throw down an easy $G (or several) if needed, it makes you look like a total weirdo…
  • It's pretty gay to lie about your scars. I got some nice ones on my forehead, shoulder and arm from a motorcycle wreck. Some other older ones from a large burn and a glass table also on my arms.... as well as assorted road rash.
    in Scars Comment by CitizenUzi August 2010
  • Unless you shit on the floor and kick the bosses' daughter in the cunt, you should get the job. I would consider telemarketing to be on par with fast-food work in terms of shittiness (that is to say - bottom of the barrel), but I would personally ra…
  • (Quote) Gross, it appears to be a juggalo. Can you please explain to me why your kind is invading my small, quiet home city in new england??