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  • Nope it didn't matter I passed away yesterday anyway.
  • Also I cracked a beer just prior to the bath so maybe I can pull my superhuman drunk rests where I sleep half the normal time with no consequence.
  • Idk what the temperature was in that bath but it had to have been around 150 because I have a pretty good pain resistance. I got out and dried myself with a clean shirt, then put on sweatpants with the ankles tucked into socks and a long sleeved shirt. I stripped my bed of sheets and everything and replaced with new and…
  • So did you get another power supply or are you using the old one? The last thing you want to cheap out on is a power supply because if it goes it might just take everything with it. Otherwise, Congrats bro I'm glad you could get some funds up.
  • Looks awful and I hate gosling, too faggy. Ill watch it tomorrow and report back.
  • Yoooo shane niggarino did you get that monitor yet?
  • Picked up a mac pro keyboard (black and translucent) with matching mouse for $15 tonight. Still waiting on this fucking ram. Did some researching and found that installing pirated osx lion is simple as shit. All I need to do is burn a copy of a osx10.6 (snow leopard) and install from there. No drivers or anything like that…
  • :thumbsdown: ..and you call yourself a terrorist. Update: Currently waiting for this cunt to reply to my email on some ram from craigslist. Really I ask her if they're still available and i'm in the area with a car and cash in hand. Their responce, "mMhm". FUCK man I'm trying to get some computing done. I gained access as…
  • Yeah I'm pretty clueless, it took me a few days to figure out how to right click.
  • I figured out how to ad an admin account. Hold the apple key and s while rebooting and type this into terminal mount -uw /rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDoneshutdown -h now Then reboot and fill in the stuff for your new admin account. Still need info on upgrading the OS without a dvd burner being used or paying for it.
  • You need a webcam, facial recognition software, and a motorized stand. Have your monitor follow your head. If you had this kind of money though, you'd have bought a monitor with better viewing angles lol.
  • Yeah I even said I was you dipshit. Lol u mad. Yonkers all day stand up.
  • Last time I checked islands either aren't for sale or retarded expensive. So its either a pipe dream or a lot of sand niggers to kill. And who pays the bounties? I doubt that soldier who "killed" Osama bin laden didn't get shit. And if you don't get paid for that guy then really. Wtf. With that said I would like to go kill…
  • I'm from America, idk what New Zealand even is. Papa New Guinea? Who gave a shit about the old one. And ovb switzerfags should make that shit known like, o oui mes ami Jesus oui lagen vi.
  • English and Italian: read. write. speak. understand verbal. Spanish: Read some. Can't write. Can't speak. Understand some verbal. French: Can't read. Can't write. Speak some. Can't understand most verbal. I know some words or phrases in Russian and Yiddish from friends. I will never reach out to German. I hate everything…
  • Dfg, what are you, 12 years old? Women's razors are better than men's. The reason it was clogged with long hairs was because you were trying to clean shave long hair. If you are going to cut the assinine way then you have to swipe down on the front of the razor and rinse to remove the hair. Since you don't know how to…
  • This is common practice and is used in almost all android phones too. Google+ takes it one step forward and catsgorizes pictures by location. Either that or Picasa I forget
  • Chef boyardee, baked beans, olives, chickpeas, and tuna. Only tuna if its white chunk in water and the can is drained. If you eat any other kind of canned tuna you're a fucking retard.
  • Tailoring can be making a suit from scratch I guess but Im still learning. That suit is a 39regular jacket and 32 pants. The sleeves were 38inches long and the pants were size 32. I had to sew shit that I took apart. Like the entire sleeve to shoulder. I had to cut the shoulder too, take off the end of the padding, tuck it…
  • Oh man thanks! You saved my life, I see the light, I'm gonna change! Stupid fucking niggers for real. I haven't seen one good post by you ever go huff a bird. Thanks everyone else for the suggestions and I'm currently checking out the android stumble upon app.
  • Honestly I can't imagine any less than 150 and that is a very low count, bare minimum. Probably about 300 people.
  • Could they have gotten a model without droopy tits. The thing shows no support.
  • Aha the plan fucking backfired on a&e for being haters, their stock dropped 9% today to an all time low. Everyone wants to hate on Jersey shore cast, fuck it everyone's just jealous. Its good TV,if you don't like it then turn the channel.
  • I really don't understand this need to turn things with no sexual connotation into a gay thing. This weird movement needs to stop. I feel like its Rome all over again.
  • Idk why there aren't more Goth pornstars. It should be just like in real life. If you're uglier than normal turn goth
  • No joke dfg I have always envisioned you in a mud hut looking Pueblo type building with ripped shrouds of raped women barely blocking out the sun in a window behind you. Also, I picture you looking like mohinder suresh from the show Heroes. Didn't expect a desk at all. Nice set up brag, also nice tape job on is…
  • I got real drunk at 8am with this girl Nikke and we took the trip to Philly. We continued walking around and drinking until like 4pm and then we drove back home. Yup, drove this girls car home like a hundred miles drunk on a suspended license. Woo go me. I love day trips to Philly, so much better shit than NYC and not half…
  • Chick peas have a shit load of zinc. My friend did porn and zinc helps in replenishing sperm and he would eat a can with a salad every day.
  • Interesting find op. I'm going to make a stew with all these things and give it to my neighbor :o
  • Multivitamins in near toxic doses, theraflu tea and being active when you are awake and nyquil to sleep through the majority of it. I get sick twice a year and this is my method. On the last day of being sick I like to be very active to kick my body into shock. Four days maximum loss.
  • That's strange that it didn't come with a female-male cable. You will probably need one. I would check your driver settings and make sure there aren't any options for powersave checked off. If there was something to check for 54mbs only. What is the range usually between router and adapter? Honestly you will never get…
  • Cinnamon Life. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is pretty bangin but it gets soggy too quick. The old Oreo cereal was as well. And fuck grapenuts that shit isn't even a cereal.
  • Cry baby, cry.
  • This actually makes sense. I used to be high a lot when I was 13-16 and wouldvnever show my face infront of my dad when I was fucked up. Sometimes when I eat dinner I get a weird high feeling. Like a generally disassociated feeling. I get embarrassed about it like maybe he thinks I'm high or something. I tried explaining…
  • Sometimes when I'm really bored ill ride a bus until it stops. One time I took a bus to Delaware for no reason.
  • I make all my posts in sg anyway. Back in the day I was exclusive to tech and movie forums and frequent to gpp. Lurked hb and posted occasionally in sg.
  • Shut the front door. 150 a month? What's that in camels.
  • ive lived in or around the city almost my whole life. Prepare for thr most unfriendly depressed people you have ever met. Public transportation is cheap and always available but the people can be just gruesome. its okay though, everyone is used to it. i saw a bum with a knife sitting next to a business man with a tablet…
  • Yup, drugs are hands down the best for changing sleep schedules. last week i was going to sleep at 2 pm and waking up at 1am. Now i sleep 11am to 7am. also, my body loves getting blackout drunk and i can sleep 5 hours and wake up feeling great instead of 12 hours and feeling like shit.
  • Think about it realistically for a second. its a bunch of people like you on the website. would you want to date you? prob not. maybe you shoulda brought your yugioh card collection fag /case closed (mods feel free to lock thread )
  • Fuck i thought they made another series. ive been dying since solid state society was released. also, dfg, are you feeling better?
  • lol go ahead and just say his powerword. i think i had a 3 day vacay on zoklet for posting his name and also marijuasaurus'
  • havent laughed this good in over a week. good find op
  • idk if its random or what, but like i said, watching all your internet traffix gets weird. youre like, what the fuck is all this. i would have nothing actively accessing the internet, atleast in an open program, and there would be ips from all over trying to access my computer. i unplugged my internet and started locking…
  • i wouldnt torrent without it. its a godsend of a program. i was addicted to watching my internet traffic and this always kept my pipeline filtered pretty well.
  • 4 of whatever the strongest of the instant release pills that taste good even to chew. Orange or pink. I took it for a lifeguard test. Before that, it was 3 of those for my sats. On a side note, I'm on 200mg of diphenhydramine HCl and feeling nothing.
  • say that your mom doesn't like him and you can't hang out with him. My parents always let me blame shit on them.
  • I've gotten laid on two different occaisions playing Collide acoustically live. Once playing She will be loved by Maroon 5. So those are guarenteed.
  • Mass Effect 2 +dlc in anticipation of mass effect 3 holy shit goodbye life