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  • I dated a girl for a while, started getting the suspicion she was cheating on me. She went to jail for a failure to appear and I got a hold of her phone and found out she was whore. Googled the number and saw her escort ad on backpage.com
  • I would bang the fucking shit out of my cousin. My Aunt had a different Dad than my Dad so technically she's even less related to me. Don't get me wrong I've had other good looking extended family members, but she's the only one I would want to fuck. On another note, I tried poisoning kid in 4th grade, unfortunately my…
  • If you have smart phone, lock yourself in the bathroom and say you have an upset stomach, problem solved.
  • Not exactly, a lot of them are getting the boot just like a lot of MOS's like mine. The military is downsizing dramatically. I couldn't reenlist without doing some admin job and all I can say is fuck working behind a desk.
  • Don't be a bitch, if you think MEPS is bad then you haven't seen anything yet!
  • Not getting someone else's handle but I do like RemadE's idea about the background. Maybe the totse logo with the back some how incorporated into it.
  • You're right I have been here less than a month, I'm not asking to send money. If a member is in my area they can meet me at the shop and where I can get it done there. I've recently discovered this totse site. I was at the original one. I was nothing special there either. I was known as J-15 there, it wouldn't let me add…
  • Not enough room since I got your Mom's tattooed on my balls. I got your Grandma's too!
  • You know you want to give in to your temptation!
  • I'm thinking Totse like how it is at the top of the page, then Read*Know*Do under it. As for location, I'm thinking on the arms or legs.
  • I was on the old forum from 03 until its demise. I never got a 1000 posts. I guess I'm not they type to make a horrendous amount of posts. But lately I've been a smart ass and have gone back to Totsean way's with useless uninformative posts. I guess I'll get there eventually.
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  • Don't be a douche, I'm sure this is the site you're looking for!
  • This is all I gotta say
  • Honestly I don't blame ya. I never felt the need to introduce myself in the old one either. I figured the new one would be like the old in terms of being accusing that they don't remember you. I was never famous or an infamous on it. The only difference between my username here and on the old one is simply a dash. I was on…
  • How about people selling their accounts on ebay. I'll never forget Night Ops threads when it first started. Those threads caused me to register. The of course the pr0n thread. Anyone still got those naked pictures of Wintermute. Go huff raid. I also remember starting a thread about a random topic then saying nothing else…
  • I was J-15 then, never was a "famous" user. I started lurking in 2003 and I remember registration being closed for the longest time. I can't recall if I joined in December of 2003 or 2004. EDIT: On Totse Army, never was in but I did find this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WasQkSgIcvM