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  • Yes. *hides head in shame* I think incest is SOOOOO hot. I wouldn't do it unless I had a hot cousin, like I wouldn't fuck an immediate family member. The thought of others committing incest is just so hot, as long as it's consensual and not like some old man raping his young daughter, that would be fucked up.
  • Today, I'm going to clean more and redo my pedicure. I think I'm going to go with mint nail polish this time. I had a shit time at the bar last night. I think I'm past the bar scene thing. Drinking doesn't really appeal to me. Why drink when you could do drugs with no calories?
  • My friend called and said she was at the bar, she forgot to pick me up. :facepalm: I have to drive there now. Fuck. :facepalm:
  • For the past month, I've been 'cutting' like bodybuilders do. Also been working out like a fiend. While I look really fucking good I will not be satisfied until I am shredded and have a 6 pack.
  • Today I cleaned and had some beauty appts. :o Cleared out my basement and put a lot of shit on the curb. Pretty sure the garbage company is going to charge me extra for such a large pickup. :mad: When I heard the garbage truck, I looked out the window to make sure they were taking all the boxes and noticed one of the…
  • I feel ya. I hate my neighbors, too. They get so pissed when I smoke. One time I was smoking in my backyard and people who live in the house directly behind me were outside. The guy started doing this fake cough the second I lit up my cigarette. WTF? :rolleyes:
  • Only cash then pickpocketing at a club or bar. Goods that can be sold for cash- lift items from home improvement stores, do return fraud with fake ids, sell store credit. Huge moneymaker if you know how to work those home improvement stores.
  • Thanks. I cut down how much I smoked each day. Cut down to 3 cigarettes a day for a few days then 2 then went cold turkey after that. The first 2 days sucked but after that I was fine. I have an appt to get this done in a month. I am super excited! I have wanted Lasik basically since it first became known & it's been a…
  • Today I went to the dentist for a cleaning. The Valium I get prescribed for my dentist appts did not help this time. I had severe anxiety (I am an adult who is terrified of the dentist XD) & had a complete meltdown. XD I also did yard work in the morning & wrote up my grocery list. Other than that I just surfed the net.
  • I agree. I refuse to buy an ipod or a Mac.
  • It started out as Twilight fan fiction which is why it seems like a rip off of Twilight. I read a little bit of it then couldn't stand to read anymore. The writing is atrocious.
  • Life is good. Other than that one time I haven't heard fireworks. They've been banned here because of the fire threats. Hopefully, no assholes will be setting them off in their backyards tomorrow. We definitely don't need anymore fires....
  • Today, I have to do yard work. I need to do the usual stuff- mowing grass, etc then finish up the raised flower bed I started. I laid down the first layer of bricks yesterday but I'm not happy with how it turned out so I will have to fix it then add the other layers of bricks. It's starting to cool down a little which is…
  • I fucking quit smoking!!! 2 days so far with a cigarette.
  • Congrats!!!
  • Today I ran errands, watered my plants (it hasn't rained here in weeks :angry:) & cleaned the upholstery of my car. I've been preparing my car to sell it (getting a new car). I'm dreading attempting to cover the scratches with touch up paint. I just know I will fuck it up. :facepalm:
  • I agree. Good point. You're right. I returned the skirt. :facepalm: Lol.
  • I just paid $75 to an electrician to fix something I could have fixed myself. :facepalm: Going to try to relax today, been stressed out. Going to read & catch up on some tv shows.
  • I would if I knew where it's coming from. Earlier, some asshole was setting them off, I mean it' not even July yet, fucking asshole. I live in the suburbs where it's basically a maze of houses that are packed in close together. I wish people realized how dangerous fireworks are. It is very dry here & there have been a lot…
  • Thanks.
  • Yep, that blacklisting shit is why I never sought help when I needed it. I wasn't a junkie but I did have a problem. I don't want to be blaclisted because then I would have to be without painkillers after surgery. They make the problem worse by basically criminalizing getting help because if you get help, you get…
  • That sucks. I know how it feels to be cut off. I was getting painkillers for the pain I had for legit shoulder injury. I have an MRI to back it. First she gave me Tradmol which didn't do shit so I went back & she gave me Vicodin, it did help till my tolerance went up & I had to so many I was taking in too much aspirin that…
  • What brand? Are they easy to find, like would I find them at Walmart?
  • jehsiboi, come back! I miss you!
  • I haven't had any sweets in forever unless you count the chocolate flavored peanut butter I'm obsessed with. I like ice cream, sour patch kids, Swedish Fish, M&M's- the mint ones & the raspberry one are very good. I also love Muddy Buddy check mix. I can't control my self with foods I like so I never buy then. :(
  • ^ I might buy the patch to try to quit smoking. Let us know how the pills are working with cravings.
  • Unwyred is a spiteful little cunt, that's why I harass him so much even though I have more important things to do. My location got leaked on my main account (it was obtained through malicious means, I didn't give it out). So, I started a new account. Unwyred permabanned that account for 'leaking PI'. Only I didn't leak any…
  • Today, I went to Lowes, Target, got gas, did 2 loads of laundry & watered all my plants because it never fucking rains in the Goddamn desert. Fuck.
  • Lol DFG, a lot of people got riled up over your returned presence. Nice hate thread, btw. I haven't had one of those in ages... I abandoned my original account there and have a newer proxy alt.
  • I failed to quit smoking. :facepalm: I bought the 2 pack special on Sunday. Been smoking a few cigarettes a day. I'm too stressed at this point to quit. It started out that smoking helped me with my stress & now I get stressed when I need a cigarette. :facepalm:
  • Been busy. Went hiking this morning on an advanced trail. Saw a lot of people on it who had no business doing an advanced trail. Like families with children under 10. This wasn't the kind of trail for kids, it's hard & dangerous. Lot of out of shape people. If you are not in good shape & don't have a good indurance level…
  • I agree with all this. Lol'd.
  • So, I've basically been avoiding my backyard, lol. I did yard work on Monday & by the time the neighbor came out, I was finishing up in the back (did the backyard first when I usually do the front yard first) so I quickly left the backyard. I had been smoking on the front porch more but this morning I was smoking a…
  • ^ I can eat while looking at gore, lol. :facepalm:
  • That seems like an inconvenience so I think it's best I avoid hitchhikers, lol.
  • Holy shit! I would never have the nerve to pick one up. I've thought about it but I'm a woman & would prefer not to get raped. Today, I've been working on my book (I wrote a novel). I edited another chapter. I have 2 chapters left to edit which need a bit of work... when I wrote my book a few years ago, I started abusing…
  • Those are my goals, too. I haven't quit smoking yet. I was doing so well smoking only 2 cigarettes a day until yesterday when I have 3. I'll probably wind up smoking 3 today as I've already had 2 & it's only evening.
  • I haven't read the books but I watch the series on tv. The last 2 episodes were fucking AMAZING. I cannot wait for the next season.
  • Tramadol doesn't do shit for me, lol. I have a fuckload of them lying around, I won't bother with them. If you take so much morphine, how does Tramdol even affect you? Early on, I realized I could milk my surgeon for scripts. Like the day after my surgery, I would say the painkillers aren't helping my pain, I'm in agony,…
  • I got the new Fear Factory CD today, it kicks ass. I saw play them a few weeks ago for the millionth time & they only played one new song.
  • Fuck planes, like literally every flight I've taken there is a fucking annoying kid behind me who kicks the back of my seat the entire time. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  • I don't find those pics as disturbing as I should...
  • I'm on Ambien & I'm reading this thread, thinking WTF.
  • Lol, that's more for a long term goal thread. I consider short term goals to be obtainable within a year but I suppose everyone's definition varies. Even though you haven't finished your book yet, I'm your biggest fan. :heart: Maybe we could check out each others books when/if we meet. I've been working on my book for the…
  • I would definitely do a lot of drugs, too.