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  • Brilliant post, good stuff bringing the spotlight back to the true classic method. One question, how much solvent are you referring to in this post? Since this is actual science, zoltar is curious as to the amount of solvent you would reccomend. Zoltar has easy access to naphtha so im sure he would appreciate that number…
  • At least you admit it! Would certainly hurt the trade if you were to tell me Oh bother! It would appear that i had a dream In this dream it was successfully extracted using steam distillation Gas chromatography confirmed 31% yield though... improvements would have to be made Oh well, at least it was only a dream
  • Catalytic converter was specifically engineered to control vehicle emissions, but its just a useless fire hazard impacting your performance. Pretty sure the governnment mandated them in vehicles for the sole purpose of collecting driving dues for not having one (or having one that is malfunctioning, which is common go…
  • ok... so dont hydrate it go anhydrous... Can't say no goya when there is obviously goya "If man made it man can break it" How about steam distilling with dry acetone, for example?
  • so... how exactly do you KNOW when all of this is over? Aren't the indicators all visual?
  • Is it absolutely necessary to vent into the water trap, or is that just an option