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CONTROL now available for preorder!

ControlBook3DThis is gonna be short, sweet and to the point.

My newest e-book CONTROL is about finished, and I’m making it available for preorder today. This book is the next step in between what you visualize yourself being like, and what you actually are. Inside this book are:

  • Psychological breakdowns.
  • Daily routine advice.
  • Mindfulness techniques and practice.
  • Tips on how to improve your confidence, sense of self worth and sense of value.
  • Real, no bullshit ways to improve your mindset on wealth, health and the mind/psyche.

and much more.

Included in the book are 3 Special “Application Pages” I like to call it, that will help you change and improve your life, both physically and mentally just from daily application and review.

Sound enticing? let me describe it to you (EXCERPT FROM CONTROL):

Disclaimer: The BIG 3 is designed to be something to be printed out and carried with you everyday, something to be stashed into your wallet and referred to whenever you feel like you’re lost in your current day, something to challenge your mind on your way to the gym in the morning. However, I am aware that everyone viewing this isn’t viewing it on a device that has printing capabilities. Therefore if you do not, I have enabled a section on my blog for you to download and be able to print out and carry, write on and accurately reflect on your life and daily experiences.

The Wake Up Pages is designed to challenge you everyday you wake up to do better, to improve your life through personal development, mindset improvement and physical fitness. The WUP isn’t designed for you to write down your responses – it is more to force thought and challenge yourself upon every new day to take CONTROL of the day, take more CONTROL of your life and CONTROL your thought processes and mood throughout the day. Remember, positive changes starts with you and you only.
The Midnight Mindset Reflections are designed to challenge you every night to actively consider and remember your actions for the day, the good, the bad – and help to identify the bad habits so you don’t make the same mistakes the next day.  Reflection is supposed to be positive, and this isn’t a time for critique, instead of dwelling on what you did wrong and what you could have done better, simply remember that mistakes happen but their purpose is for you to learn from them, reflect on what you did wrong and how you will do better next time, then continue on with your day. Remember, positive change starts with you and you only.

The Daily Development Diary is the only part intended for you to actually write on, and is designed to be referred to and reflected on at any point of the day. You must print it out and carry it around with you, as well as leaving it by your night table to reflect as you read the Wake Up Pages, or you can use it in conjunction with your Midnight Mindset Reflections. It’s used to keep track of all personal development in your life, and identify what you are doing right and wrong. If you are completing these everyday and not learning new things about yourself, you’re not being accurate and truthful in your reflections and need to look more in depth to learn what you don’t like, what you do, and why.

via : Aedonis Bravo Presents: Unlock Your Bravado