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Convert your Original xbox controller to a PC gamepad

Intro and summary

The Xbox controller is a USB device. MS has changed the connector shape so people can’t plug the controller into a PC (or USB devices into the Xbox).
The controller cable consists of 5 wires, RED WHITE GREEN BLACK (standard USB) and an extra YELLOW (probably for the expansion slots)

You can splice Open the Xbox controller cable and attach them to a Spliced USB cable (by matching the colours).

An alternative to splicing the Xbox cable is cracking open the Xbox controller connector (the bit that connects to the xbox) and simply pulling out the wires (They are not attached very well) and attaching them to a spliced USB cable.

I lost the pull off bit so i spliced the cable attached to the Controller.

I use this mainly to play snes games with zsnes.

What you will need:

  • > an Orginal Xbox controller
  • > a USB cable
  • > Solder/soldering Iron (or anything to attach wires – you can twist them together if you’re desperate)
  • > Insulator ( I used sticky tape)
  • > Xbox controller Driver (freely downloadable – see below)


What to do:

  • > cut the Xbox Cable. Don’t cut directly underneath the connector. You may want to reattach it later.

  • > Cut the USB cable making the longer end the MALE connector

  • > expose the wiring on both the Xbox and the USB
  • > match the colours and solder them together.

  • >The yellow wire on the Xbox is ignored – you can shorten it if you wish.
  • > Insulate each wire and wrap it all up with tape.

That’s it.


For windows xp the drivers are downloaded here: http://www.redcl0ud.com/xbcd.html
I’ve tried it with XP and it works.

For windows vista/7, it appears that you guys can’t install unsigned drivers. You have to use a tool called “Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider” to install the drivers (same drivers as above). I don’t know how you guys put up with MS.

All windows – After installing the drivers. plug in the controller and select the equivalent of ” install automatically Do not search internet”. There is a menu entry that lets you control the keys.

The Xbox drivers work out of the box under linux.


Windows XP
I plug it in nothing happens.

Have you rebooted after the driver installer? yes, Check your wirng.

Windows 7/vista

Are you sure you have installed the drivers? NO, use a real OS or try again. YES, check your wiring.


In the terminal type in “lsusb” you should see the cotroller listed. If not, check your wiring.


Discuss http://www.totse.info/bbs/showthread.php?t=7457

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