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Dream Journals and University

Time for entry #2.


This week I have been increasingly interested in the world of Lucid Dreaming, and as a result have looked into my past and reflected on events that have shaped me and spoken to medical professionals about episodes of Sleep Paralysis and seeing Shadow People. I’m a firm believer in pushing the extremes of conciousness and experiencing life to the most, in all ways.

Thanks to trx and Google, I will be attempting some MILD Lucid Dreaming techniques the nest few nights. As it stands I already have good dream recall and now I just need to break on through, as The Doors would have said.

As for here on &ToTSE I have seen some new user titles in preparation for our 9/11 party, and have been taking a more proactive approach to Moderation. I usually contribute, but now I’ve been whipping the two sides of my &T life into shape. I am also awaiting my University feedback as I had an exam not too long ago, and shall be moving back soon. Life seems to be taking a rpetty funky new twist, as invites to work in different Countries are popping up and I’m starting to get back to normality. This Summer has been fucking mental.

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