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Drug Dealer Business Tactics – Legal Sales Lessons


I know from the moment you read this title that your opinion of this article may have been less than favorable, that’s expected. This is going to be a taboo topic, but my readers know I don’t give any fucks about something like political correctness or being taboo, I am here to make you think and challenge yourself to be better than the person you were yesterday. Part of this is making money, and I’ve been able to call some of the biggest dealers in my area close, personal friends (although I don’t per se partake in it myself, it’s a dangerous & dirty game that has risky implications) so I know the inner workings of the system. To be a Drug Dealer takes time, takes dedication, takes a healthy amount of paranoia and worrying to be able to pull off one of the most widespread illegal trades in the world – without getting caught. Similar to bootleggers selling alcohol during prohibition, the crackdown and bans on marijuana has made it easier and more likely to get in certain places.

Let me clarify here that I am only referring to weed in this article – although I know of people who deal the more hardcore drugs, I’ve never been able to find myself starting or maintaining a friendship with these types of people. In addition to the immorality of selling someone a dangerous drug that they can get addicted to and die from, the logistics and tactics of sales from the viewpoint of a dealer such as Walter White or Pablo Escobar, would differ very greatly from Nancy Botwin.

I am not writing this to glorify drug dealing, or cast anyone who does it in a greater light than your already formed opinion and perception of them. Rather, this post is simply to compare the tactics used by those in sales illegally, and legally. 

Selling Drugs IS STILL Sales – albeit more life threatening

One thing I’ve learned – dealers are often some of the most sales-minded, manipulative, crafty sons of bitches I’ve ever met in my life… well, at least the ones who have been able to stay out of jail. They would be able to take their skills and translate them to almost any other sales job, because to be successful in that game (and I define success as both income and savings of at least 5 figures, while avoiding imprisonment and being caught by any other entities, for a period of at least a year) you must have a grasp of and a talent for the basic concepts of sales.

Buy in bulk for low, sell individually for higher return concept (aka break it down, bag it up and sell it – b.k.a. sales) .

Everybody does it nowadays, some places even have dispensaries too – so to compete in a market where the competitor field is rising everyday you must have the concept of maintaining customers through superior customer service, personal relationship development, and having and sticking to your firm business principles (sales and entrepreneurship).

Having to manage inventory, budgeting finances to make sure you can buy enough stock after you run out, managing your inventory in accordance to supply and demand (all sales and entrepreneurship).

If they have people working under them they understand the concepts of managing employees and managing a payroll, employee relations and budgeting/financial tracking and planning for a business (entrepreneurship).

Dealer Monk Mode

Also to be noted, in my experience I’ve found that drug dealers often don’t or can’t get a regularly paying job – which would explain why they do what they do in the first place. This has usually increased their income, output and discipline when it comes to business in general – let alone selling. I know of one that started off small selling dimes of weed off of buying quarters, and within 3 months he expanded to not only start selling pounds for more profit than his lesser hustle but he ended up starting his own clothing line from the money he was able to make doing so – which was all he needed for a speedy exit from the “trap”. I won’t put his details out there at the moment due to the content of this post, but you might be able to put 2 and 2 together later in the year when their clothing line appears on the side.

Often though, dealers are so successful because they have successfully created a monk-mode like state that they can not only switch on and off at will, but are better at doing so than a lot of normal people. There are two types of common dealers you find when looking for weed, they are:

-Type A) “On the block”, they have a recognizable area or landmark that you can find them at, almost every hour of every day. They have become a known face in this area, and as such people new and old come to them for drugs. This can be good in maintaining control of an area and an audience, and are very recognizable to their customers. However, this can also be very bad as it leaves them more open to getting robbed, arrested or worse (as it is always known where they will be) and they are likely to have to do business in open areas, which can lead to witnesses seeing them and other nasty implications.

-Type B) “Stay at home/Come to you” Friendly, stay at home/stay in neighborhood kind of guy. They rarely go anywhere or do anything with their friends, they don’t go out to places to even enjoy themselves, they rarely have any type of money coming in other than their hustle. These are the ones that are mostly seen blowing off their friends, or not attempting to come at women in public because of the implications that could follow that have the possibility to tear them away from their job. These are the ones that usually are safer because they are more likely to deal with people they know and sell out of their own home, but they are also at a big risk of getting robbed due to their address being known.

The main similarity is that they can block themselves off to the rest of the world at any time, as is a requirement of their lifestyle and something they’ve grown accustomed to. They’re used to starting to go somewhere only to have to turn around because their phone rings, they’re used to having to leave outings with friends and family early and having to come up with excuses to hide what they’re doing – and all of these translate to monk mode, which can be a bit of a Hyperbolic Time Chamber in terms of productivity.


Masters of Manipulation

Now I know what you might be thinking here – Jordan, if people already have their mind set on buying the drugs, what manipulation is really required? The principles apply to all trades, but for selling weed it’s more prominent so let me break it down for you:

Manipulating the customer: Many drug dealers do not sell the amount of product they are supposed to, this is called “finessing” and I see it happen a lot. Now, this may boil down to personal experience – maybe white weed dealers are more trustworthy and humble to those around you and the black people are the ones you have to worry about – but in my experience I’ve noticed that it doesn’t make a difference who you are to the person, or what type/kind of person they are, you will get finessed. It all boils down to the simple fact of “People Love Money,” and will cut whatever corners they have to to get more. Selling weed is no difference, as many customers do not have scales nor do they have the knowledge or desire to check the product – and even if they have their suspicions they usually won’t, people would much rather believe they are right than prove themselves wrong, and end up sorry instead of safe.

Manipulating the Competition: 8/10 times dealers know exactly who the people are that are competing with them, and usually know them personally. The good ones use this to their advantage, they are good at playing mind games to either make themselves look like lesser competition (to avoid being finessed or robbed in the future, as the wolf bided his time for the Boy Who Cried to become weak) or to make themselves look superior and downplay their competitor, which works to the advantage of creating intimidation, fear and envy/anger in said competitor – which often leads to irritation, clouded judgement and irrational actions.

Manipulating Authority: Drug Dealers know exactly how they are perceived based on their type, and the smart ones will adapt around authority figures to achieve different results based on their perception defection. There are the ones who are more comfortable in business attire and higher class style, and they use this to their advantage when dealing with police.
A personal friend of mines dresses like he works in a law firm every day (I’m talking suit with minimum $400 shoes, EVERYDAY) and he was just telling me the other day how he managed to get out of a situation of being caught with weed because he convinced the officer that he was a partner in a law firm, and that he was going through a stressful time in life and was just making some small mistakes, and got no punishment. Now, that may not sound too convincing – but there is a whole story, a story I cannot share without giving up some type of detail about him I don’t want to expose.

Manipulation of Parents: This sort of falls under the last category, but unlike parents – Police can directly take you to jail or worse, and there’s a possibility you can get a hard charge for a minor offense. Most of the people I know personally who sell don’t still live with their parents, but a majority of them did when they first started and were able to hide it and maintain privacy of their actions for a long time. Some of them have been doing this for at least 4-5 years and still have been able to keep it hidden from their entire families – albeit they usually do have a main business or passive side income they’ve used to transform into a true entrepreneur.

Honestly, I’d be lying if I sat here and told you I didn’t consider it before, the whole idea is enticing and other than the prospect of getting robbed, arrested or killed, it seems fun. While I’ve been able to make my money in other fields and haven’t found it necessary to risk my life in a manner like the friends I’ve written about, I admire their tenacity. I admire the fact that they are focused and determined to do one thing: Sell the most of their product, make the most money, rinse and repeat.

After all, those are the basic concepts of sales right?

With all this talk about sales and business, be sure to pick up my newly updated E-book “MAKE MONEY while MAKING MONEY”, which is chock full of tips, tricks and strategies on WHAT, WHERE and HOW to develop and maintain a passive source of side income, while still working your regular job. 

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