Synopsis: Powerful entheogen with recreational potential in lower doses. Rare, but relatively inexpensive and powerful compared to say, shrooms.

Legal Status: Could be considered a 4-HO-DMT analog. Does not show up in a drug screening blood test.

Appearance: Fumarate is a pure white and very fine powder. Occasionally has a slight yellow tinge. Have not done a reagent test.

Price: For a gram, can range anywhere from $120-$250(equates to $7-15 per trip).

Tested dosage: Orally/Sublingually: 20mg, 35mg, 50mg, 70mg, 85mg, 135mg

Effects: Spacey body high hitting around t+45 minutes(can kick in in as early as 15 if taken sublingually, but beware the bitterness). Highly detailed, and potentially overwhelming fractal geometry follows shortly after. Loss of ego and usual sense of relativity to the environment. Entity contact, and very DMT-ish headspace/visuals. Overall smooth, but peaks can be quite the ride. In lower doses of 20-30mg, emotional/sensory enhancement can be expected. L-Tryptophan and/or MAOI’s greatly enhance effects. 200mg L-Tryptophan and 2g of powdered Syrian Rue seed were used. This can lower the ++++ threshold as low as 35mg, where it typically would be around 50+. Doses in excess of 70mg aren’t recommended due to body load and significant dropoff in the dosage curve.

Side-Effects: Nausea during comeup and/or comedown. Also very addictive, in that it is so damn fun.

Tolerance: Tolerance builds and degrades very quickly. Allow at least 4 days between trips.

Notes: Highly recommend getting L-Tryptophan and Syrian Rue. It’s only a small investment to stock a great supply, and the rue especially will work as a potentiator for all sorts of substances. If you want a truly mindblowing experience, definitely get potentiators, and make sure you fast beforehand. As with any strong psychedelic, I highly recommend doing yoga and meditating during the comeup to help quell that pre-trip apprehension. I’ve been told good weed can kick the trip up a notch, but I’ve not personally tested. It’s a good idea to pamper your body before the trip especially, so you don’t have any physical maladies detracting from the mood. It’s a nurturing and mellow substance, despite the intensity. I’ve introduced people to this as a first-time hallucinogen, with positive outcome. But do respect it. It can definitely kick your ass.

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