How to Make Jenkem


Jenkem is a totally awesome, yet foul tasting concoction made by only the most hardcore of drug users. By huffing this brown butthash, you can achieve mind-blowing highs and euphoria, as seen in the following trip report. If it’s on Erowid then it must be true, so listen up.

Under the advice of several friends, I decided to give jenkem a try. I went down to the Lusaka sewage pond and filled my two liter coke bottle half full. Walking back to my hut I couldn’t help but feel a little anxiety, but what did I have to lose right? Upon arrival I sit down and begin to flood my lungs with the sickly sweet aroma as my seven brothers looked on. In seconds my mind was filled with thoughts previously unfathomable. In an instant I saw what needed to be done to alleviate the poverty of my country and people. With the knowledge of kings laid out before me, I now know what I must do. Jenkem has brought me the enlightenment of my ancestors, and for this I am grateful.

Anyway, enough of the backstory. Let’s get shitting.

How to make jenkem

Jenkem only consists of human feces and urine, so you don’t have to search far and wide to find what is a naturally occurring drug. You’re going to need the following things;

  • Plastic bottle – Larger bottles can contain more jenkem so keep it in mind.
  • Balloon – This will collect the butthash jenkem gases which you will be able to huff later. It’s much like huffing nitrous canisters, but with jenkem instead.
  • Shit
  • Piss

After you’ve got all the required materials together, you will need to fill up your bottle with poop and pee. You can either use fresh shit which comes from your own backside, or go to the sewage facility to scoop some up. Whichever method you use, remember that human waste is a little messy and you should wear gloves to handle it. Once you have shat and urinated in there, give it a little shake to mix it up and put the balloon over the top. Leave the bottle outside or in another warm place for a week or two, letting it ferment and get all grongled. You can tell how much gas has collected by checking the size and shape of the balloon.

Once you’re happy with your jenkem collection, clasp the balloon shut and pull it off the bottle. Now you can inhale that shit deeply, giving you a good butthash high!