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How to tape your dick to your phone in 5 simple steps.

Instructions are a bit different…

Bubbles are caused by a piece of lint or foreign particle that keep the protector from sealing against the smooth surface. Here’s my best shot at writing out a process to get it right everytime.

  1. Clean glass of cell phone
  2. Peel screen protector off backing
  3. Line up protector with edge of device
  4. If lined up correctly, let it fall onto the screen
  5. Smooth it out.

If you have bubbles, grab 2 pieces of tape. Take one and put it on the edge of the screen protector to use as a ‘lifter’. Take the other and wrap it around your finger near the tip.

Peel the protector up and tap the tape on both the phone screen and on the underside of the protector. This should stick the debris or particle to the tape and remove it from the phone screen. Then repeat steps 3-5.

Could take a few tries, and doesn’t work with all screen protectors– just the ones that stick via vacuum and not sticky stuff.

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