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Making a Barrel Stove


Barrel stoves are great. I made one for winter camping one year. They conserve wood and put off more heat then an open fire. And are more care free.

Here we have a nigger bitch using a barrel stove, So you know it works in Africa it will work in Pakistan too.



The concept is simple enough. You need a combustion chamber,door, and air inlet/outlet.

So what you need is, some thin metal tubing atleast 5″ across to use for a chimney.

A barrel (ANY size you want) a 5 gallon metal can would work for heating a small house.Just use your head and dont use anything too thin.

Some kind of hi-temp putty like stove cement or anything that will hold up to 1000f.

cheap steel door hinges

And a device to cut metal. like a propane/oxygen torch. or a drill and a jig saw (thats the HARD way though)

Take your barrel and sand it up on its end and cut a hole the EXACT size of your chimney pipe in the top. If your can has a hole in the top already cut that out and put your chimney there.

Seal the cracks with your putty. If you used stove cement it needs heat to get hard. just wait till you light the first fire

Cut some holes around the bottom of the sides, start out small, if you need more air you can always cut more holes. These are your air inlet vents. if you ant to get fancy you can keep your cutouts and drill a hole trough the edge and screw it back into the barrel so its an adjustable flap over the air inlet.

Cut a door. Near the bottom but not all the way down you don’t want your wood to fall out on fire. maybe 8″x8″ for a 5 gal stove. Then bolt/screw/weld your door hinges in place and bolt/screw/weld/whatever you door to the hinges.

Then if your stove is inside just route your stovepipe outside and you are ready for the first burn.

I wouldn’t suggest doing the first burn inside because it may burn hot as fuck and the stove will probably emanate some gnarly fumes from burning off the paint/galvanization. Check for smoke leakes or excessive air coming into the stove. You want the stove to be choked off some, it will make it burn more efficiently.




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