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Msgboy – A Handy Tool For Google Chrome

I use different browsers for various web services. So, far Firefox handles majority of my work load which involves writing stuff on forums and blogs and opening tons of tabs with high resolution images of pretty girls. And I do work here and there but most of my time is spent reading articles and browsing images. I always looking for new stuff to test out and today I found a Google Chrome Add-on/plugin/whateveryouwanttocall it called Msgboy.

From the help menu:

The msgboy uses your browsing and bookmarks to serve you a live stream of what you’re most interested in.

He’s smart, too! Plus or minus stories to help him know what you want to see more—or less—of.

To add sites, just add them to your bookmarks and msgboy does the rest.

Mind blowing isn’t it? Wait till you see the interface;


Okay it isn’t that special. I don’t use Google chrome daily and it doesn’t have my full bookmark listing. (144 pages of bookmarks!) However, I just imported my bookmarks and I didn’t see any change in the application. I guess it would require some time to learn my browsing habits. In other words (less complicated) Msgboy is your assistant that posts pin notes on your browser window that notifies you if anything has changed or if something interesting came up. I haven’t tested how it works but that’s what I understood from reading the help file.

Msgboy delivers a custom feed of stories in realtime, all based on websites you’ve bookmarked and visited most often. You can customize your feed so you see more of what you want and less of what you don’t

Yes, I do read the help file because there is no shame in learning something new. Besides that, I can’t get this application to work. If Msgboy had a Firefox clone I would love but apparently it’s restricted to Google Chrome. I wish I could share more about this potentially awesome plugin but at the moment, I am still trying to make it work.

But you can give it a try yourself; it’s free and will use your Google Account to sign up.

Download: http://www.msgboy.com/

p.s. I will try to update this article when I finally discover how to correctly use Msgboy.

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