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Nikon D40 6MP In Excellent Condition For Sale [SOLD]

Nikon is known for creating amazing DSLR Camera’s, Nikon D40 is an exceptional camera, it came in 2006 and maintained a top spot for two years. It’s cost effective and can capture images in great detail. Not only that, you will have a hard time finding D40 in condition. You can read the review of the Camera here.

In the Trading Zone this baby is being sold for a very good price. It’s around 450$ which includes FREE Shipping in USA and Support. If you strike a deal you might get some additional stuff. The Camera is in good condition, the owner is moving on to another DSLR but wants this to be sold to someone who actually values it.

Nikon D40 1
Nikon D40 2
Nikon D40 3
Nikon D40 4
Nikon D40 5

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Update: The Camera has been sold out now.

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