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Reinvent Your Wardrobe – The Style GUYde

You mean my 3 pairs of True Religion jeans and 2 North Face jackets from 2015 are out of style?

Um…. yes, very much so. This is a concept that may be foreign to many people, as most tend to form unrealistic bonds and connections with material things – especially clothes. Your favorite shirt today will likely be in a landfill in a few months, the same with every other article of clothing. To be an Ace at Style and Wardrobe means you are a connoisseur of the concept, but also an understanding that the clothes you wear are just clothes, and have no real value to you especially if you are rich (as you already have developed a habit of replacing your clothes frequently – some even to the point they don’t wash clothes because they’re constantly buying new ones). This is a healthy mindset to have as it enables you to have the benefits of an increasingly dynamic wardrobe with an aesthetic of variety, rather than the same old boring clothes month after month.

Also, regularly getting into the habit of needing to replace your clothes will help you become more accustomed to the idea and habit of flipping your old clothes (more information on such can be found in my MAKE MONEY while making money ebook) and it becomes easier to buy new clothes when you’re simply using the money from your old ones.

Nonetheless, it is very important to have a dynamic wardrobe. You are a sales pitch for yourself (and more importantly your brand), wouldn’t you want to make the pitch of a millionaire rather than Bob the Builder? Don’t you think people would respect and trust you more if you spoke to them with a nice smile, a positive demeanor and a nice suit/blazer and slacks combination – rather than having the same qualities albeit with a lower class wardrobe, a t-shirt and slacks for example.

First things first, the old clothes have to go. You may have a habit of keeping them for memories, namesakes or because they hold a dear place in your heart – kill this. Get it into your head right now the mentality that clothes are just pieces of fabric, easily replaceable. This part is simple, for free you can download an app like Mercari, Poshmark or Depop and get to selling your clothes instantly. All of the payments are managed through the respective apps, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed or any of that. Sell your old clothes and put that money in an account or to the side to prepare yourself for using it on a whole new wardrobe.

Business or Casual? Both.

A lot of people will try to tell you business or business casual attire isn’t necessary to wear 24/7, and I won’t say they are wrong – there are certain places where either the conditions, the weather or certain other factors may permit less than normal wear of said attire (I’m talking not wearing a suit in impoverished places so you don’t get robbed, not some pussy shit like people in your area don’t wear them and you feel out of place). In such cases it is okay to not dress up like you are a Law Firm Partner or a Bank manager, but you still must maintain some sense of class. You must own your style, you must take a look and brand it with your own uniqueness that When it comes to styling yourself, looking like you own a business will always gain you an advantage when it comes to matters of persuasion and manipulation, and people will look you head to toe.

Shoes is where I feel like you have the least leniency – they should be picked first when deciding wardrobe and can either make or break your outfit.

A T Shirt and Jeans might look nice – but it’s not classy.

A nice blazer with some jeans, – looks nice, makes you look like you have class, not classy.

A blazer with some pants to match, with some dress or dress casual shoes (this varies depending on various conditions in your area, but if it’s not rainy, snowy or muddy you should be wearing dress shoes) – shows class and a great amount of value in one’s appearance.

Recommended Items:

A suit is about the classiest you can get, but I realize they are sometimes uncomfortable (which they shouldn’t be if you’re getting them tailored, but not everyone can afford such) and can be a bit extra to wear – so you can spring for business casual I.E. a button down with khakis or chinos, topped with a peacoat or a nice blazer, but there is a huge difference in how you do it.

With all of these I advise you to focus more on style and quality over brand name recognition – you’ll find when you’re dressing professionally people pay less attention to WHO it is that you’re wearing, because what you’re wearing and how you’re wearing it already portrays a Dominant Demeanor or gives off an aura of High Class.

Business Casual – Do’s

These are examples of the right way to do business casual. As you can see everything fits well and looks tailored, with a nice combination and mixture of warm/cool colors as well as accessories that compliment every outfit. Number 1 has a nice watch that goes with his outfit, Number 2 has the supplementation of the gloves and cufflinks for his jacket, and Number 3 has a pocket square that goes well with his outfit. If you saw any of these men walk into your office for a job interview, wouldn’t you assume highly of them off the bat?

Douchey Casual – Don’ts

A great example of what I call “douchey casual”, this is a style you’ll usually find by those who just started working in an office setting and have no idea what “casual fridays” really is. As you can see there are a few places where the colors clash or don’t mesh well on all 3, and all of them (especially #3) are all wearing clothes that don’t fit them well. The first two have too small pants, and on the third they are bigger and don’t fit very well. None of them have complementary accessories (#2 has a bowtie but it doesn’t fit well with his outfit and makes him look amateur, honestly) and their choice of footwear left me scratching my head.

I used to dress somewhat like douchey casual when I tried to “dress up”, although I wasn’t as deep into the mindset of looking like you have a high sense of class and self worth as I am now so that explains a lot of it. A lot of it was satire honestly, there were situations I had to “dress up” for and I wasn’t aware of that sort of style, so I always did it wrong. I have since learned from these mistakes and reinvented my wardrobe, but for a time I was the streetwear/casual everyday style type person.

Color Complementing and Fit is a subject matter that will take an entirely new post in itself, but for now here are some strategies when it comes to buying clothes that I’ve found have always enabled me to not only buy clothes that go well with multiple outfits, but develop outfits in my head while I’m shopping.

-NEVER, NEVER buy an article of clothing just because it “matches that one shirt, or that one pair of pants I rarely wear”, if you’re buying something to match something else make sure you can combine it with at least 3 or 4 other outfits.

-When buying, purchase accessories (watches, jewelry etc) first so that when it comes time to buy that new pea coat or blazer, not only do you already have accessories to complement it, but the fact that you now have less money to spend forces you to decide whether you really want the item. Not to mention accessories are usually cheaper than clothing anyway.

-There are many advantages to online buying – namely that you can safely and securely shop from the comfort of your home, without having to worry about lines or items being out of stock – and it is a preferred method of shopping for most people. There are even a plethora of apps and sites you can buy clothes from that don’t have physical stores, so I see the appeal. Whatever the case may be, an important thing to remember is DO NOT BUY PANTS ONLINE. There is no possibility for you to try them on, and if you end up not being able to fit them you waste valuable time and money exchanging them – just save your time and get your pants tailored for you, or at the least try before you buy. This is also true with shirts, but they are most likely to be able to be fit to your specific measurements, while with pants it largely depends on the manufacturer.

-While it may end up working out for you in the end, it is unadvisable to ever buy clothes intending to put together one specific outfit (Unless it is a sweatsuit set or something similar), remember – if you can’t come up with 3-4 complete outfits that you can include the piece of clothing in, you don’t need to buy it right now.

-Joggers and Hoodies are ok to wear – but only in certain circumstances. It is advisable that you wake up an hour earlier than usual and go for a run or a job to start the day off with a clear head, momentum and a physical exercise, and cardio does all of that and more. For this I’d recommend a jogger and hoodie/sweatsuit set, and they can even be worn around the house, but again I’d highly recommend sticking to business/business casual attire when outside.

-Judge the monetary value of the item versus the value of wear it receives from you. In simpler terms, if an item costs $200 but you only see yourself wearing it for special occasions, it might be better to either wait or skip that entire purchase altogether in favor of the same item for a lower price. $200 for 2 pairs of Armani Exchange pants, or $200 for 5-6 of the same type pants at Express/Macys? Throw in the variable of you rarely having a need to wear the pants, and you see what the better investment is. Use this when shopping to avoid large, unnecessary purchases you’ll regret later.

Accessories make the man

Accessories are also the most underrated part of an outfit, as they can add a bunch of extra style points depending on how you wear them. Look at how much of a difference the addition of accessories in the pictures above make, a simple watch can add an air of elegance, sophistication and wealth to your persona that you didn’t portray before. A pair of glasses, a few bracelets or a simple chain can add an extra sense of High Class and Self Worth to your demeanor that people couldn’t sense or identify before, and can also be useful in various situations.

I’ve always been a believer in the fact of the addition of a watch + a few bracelets or cufflinks can really tie up your outfit, and you can find many of these accessories on amazon for a low price – although if you’re reading this blog you should already have some basic ideas of how to make money and maintain a passive side income right? If not you need to get my e-book and work on it, I even include a section on flipping clothes so you can start using your old clothes to buy your new clothes.

Upgrading your wardrobe and style is the first step to upgrading yourself internally and externally – an increased sense of confidence due to the increasingly positive and warm response you garner from those around you, along with knowledge of self and style will ultimately lead to more happiness – you will stop feeling ugly, broke and depressed and unlock the powerfully Dominant Demeanor you always possessed, but could never harness. Please note that an increased sense of all of this will not make you able to “game or pick up” ANY woman, which is a common misconception in the Pick Up Artist community, from both the “coaches” and their unsuspecting clients.

Now to wrap up this post I’m going to prepare you for a future post, sort of the “endgame” of this post which will be linked to when it goes up. In it, I will link you to some of the best deals I could find on Amazon as far as accessories, apparel and shoes go (I won’t include any for pants though, it would be immoral for me to try to sell you pants online after I told you not to buy pants from off the internet) and you can purchase them by simple clicking on the picture. I’m a realist and I won’t lie to you, these are hosted through my amazon affiliate link so I ‘ll be making a few bucks off every purchase (at no additional cost to you) so do me a favor and grab some new gear!

*I’d also like to add this before I end this post, a graphic I found online that might aid those who don’t know the difference between the types of dress shoes and the occasion you will most likely find them worn.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next part of my Reinventing Your Wardrobe series, where I will be discussing Color Complementation and Fit to make sure your clothes look nice together, as well as look nice on your body!

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