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Shoplifting Tools

By Katzenklavier

For informational purposes only. I cannot be held liable for anyone else’s actions. This information does not reflect me in any way, and it is only here because potato.

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Sensormatic Sticker, Rf Sticker

Stickers are the cheapest and cheapest system for a storekeeper to use. They are normally deactivated at the registers when one purchases items. sensormatic tags are demagnetized and RF chips are fried by a low power EMP. When not deactivated, they alert the towers at the doors.
Fortunately, these are the easiest things to disable. With a sensormatic tag, it should be demagnetized but it is much easier to just peel it off. RF chips can be destroyed by ruining their spiral antenna. All it takes is one slice through the sticker with a razor blade.
“Source Tagging” is when these stickers are inside the package. Often they are inside small things like dremel bits. Electronics are nearly always source-tagged. Disks usually are as well. If you suspect a tag, the only way to remove the item is to pen the package. They have now started appearing inside battery compartments of electronics too so be observant.

Ink tags A Sensormatic Ink Tag

These tags are often found in clothing stores. It is for what is called “benefit denial.” What this means is if the tag is pulled apart it will spray ink all over the clothes as well as the person’s hands. There are two ways to get them off, one is to try and protect the clothing as you rip it off, but it is not a good idea.
The other way you can get them off is with a radially magnetized NdFeB magnet. There is only one site that sells them. To use it, put it on the “cone” of the tag and it should come off.
Ink tags occasionally have rf chips in them but in stores that do not have any towers and only rely on ink tags, they can be removed from the store.

Gator Tags A sensormatic gator tag.

Gator tags are one of the few tags to be removed by force. They do not contain ink but do have RF chips inside them. To remove them, you need to take two pliers (not needle nose) and grab the “flares” on the tag and bend away from the pin. It will then come apart.
Most people just use snippets though, it is your choice because both methods are unwieldy. The good thing is that gator tags are being replaced by;

Super Tags 2 sensormatic Super Tags

Super tags are permanently magnetized tags that latch onto clothing with a pin. They are especially hard to remove from the store. They only work with towers so if you see them in a store you can bet your ass that they have towers, even hidden.
There are two ways to remove these. Novices often use pliers but they are large and unwieldy. Clippers make a loud pop when they cut. Therefore, the best solution is to use what is called a sensormatic hook. I’m not going to explain much about them here because Vinipooh does a great job on it in his video. He also sells them, email him at [email protected].

Alpha Products

Alpha products are opened with what is called an S3 key. Vinipooh sells “real” ones but they are very easy (and cheaper) to make. It is an essential tool.
To make a key you need four N50 NdFeB magnets in the size available here. They are arranged in a 2×2 array. DO NOT LET THE MAGNETS SLAM TOGETHER; they are very fragile and will shatter like glass. Below i have a picture of a homemade key.

This key as dipped in plasti-dip for protection. It’s a coating material sold at hardware stores.

Alpha uses a locking system called s3. It is a magnetic latch and its operation is better explained by a diagram.

Alpha Keeper Case An alpha disk case, An alpha keeper box.

Alpha keepers are often used to protect DVDs and video games from walking away, but they are easy to remove with a key. They contain a little rfid that alarms the towers like the sticker tags. On the bottom of the case a little metal spring is easily visible. Putting the magnet flush under that allows the latch to side and the case to open. On the larger keeper boxes, the bottom is opaque so it is a little harder to find the “sweet spot” but slide the magnet all around the bottom while and when you find it, you will hear clicks.

Alpha Product Hooks An alpha product hook

Alpha hooks are the locking hooks that products are hung on. The products cannot be removed without a sales associate. These are fairly easy to open too. Simply place your key flush to the flat spot atop the front of the hook. Slide it around a little bit to find the sweet spot. It isn’t too hard to find and once it’s found, the front lock slides off/open.

Spider Wraps 3 alarm Spider Wrap.

Spider wraps are another alpha product. There is one thing you should never do. DO NOT CUT THE WIRES. It will release a noise comparable to a smoke alarm. Spider wraps are often 3 alarm which means;

  • It will alarm if the wires are cut
  • It will sound the tower’s alarms
  • The wrap itself will alarm when removed from the store

To remove these, place the key flush to the rectangle latch. When the sweet spot is found, the latch will slide open and the wrap can be disposed of. The product may still be source tagged, so don’t get cocky.

A word of warning: Getting caught with any shoplifting tool automatically means you went there with intent to steal. If you do get caught, stealthily ditch the tools!




  • Wear a zipper hoodie with large front pockets and loose sleeves. This is by far the best thing you can wear.
  • Do not look like a nigger/wigger. Seriously, no baggy pants, no jewelery, no bandannas etc.
  • Looking frustrated gives you an excuse to stand somewhere for a long time. Look like you can’t decide between this and that, pretend to read boxes etc.
  • Talking or texting on your phone is a great way to look normal, and it gves you time to think.


  • Carry a razor blade; not a box cutter, just the blade from one. Bring a brand new one every time because they dull easily.
  • Don’t carry more than you’ll need
  • “Magic Bags”, ie bags lined with tinfoil do not work. Don’t even bother with them and the “cell phone test” is complete rubbish.


  • Do not carry any weapons. If you carry mace, a tazer, a knife or a gun you’ll be charged with armed robbery.
  • If you notice someone watching or following you, drop the merch and GTFO. Don’t come back for months.
  • If an employee or an LP officer comes to you and says come with me etc, slowly follow them and plan an escape. If you see a chance run like fucking hell.
  • If you get apprehended ditch the tools before the cops come. Do it discreetly.
  • Do not fucking talk to the cops. DO NOT.
  • If you were with a buddy and he did not get caught, DO NOT FUCKING rAT HIM OUT. You’ll just get him in trouble and the police will not go easier on you for snitching.

General Tips

  • DO NOT be greedy. Take only what you can easily conceal, and no more.
  • DO NOT attempt to lift from the store more than once every 12 days.
  • DO NOT spend more time then the average shopper in the store.
  • DO NOT look shifty. Don’t be turning your head like an owl looking for someone looking at you. Simply look to the right and left using your eyes, nothing more.
  • Know the store layout before you attempt to lift there. Make a scouting visit beforehand, looking for blind spots, least visited areas etc. Make note of the kind of tags they use, if any.
  • Using a sharp blade you can get an object out of a blister pack in under 10 seconds. Cut around the object, not around the whole package. If there’s cables etc forget them, they usually sell for only $1-2 online and it’s not worth the risk. Carry the empty package, uncut side out (so it can’t be seen) to a remote area and dump it behind a box, a pillow etc.
  • Do not stuff the whole package under your shirt dumbfuck. If you are seen doing that you’re certainly fucked.




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