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Making Tension Wrenches from Keychain Rings

by Pyrosteve

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Whatcha need:

  • Keychain ring
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Metal file
  • Gas stove or torch/cup of water (optional)
  • A vise is pretty handy too

Ok, so you read the articles about how to pick locks, but you don't feel like buying or stealing tools, so you're going to have to make your own. Here is what I do:

Take any ordinary keychain ring and unbend it as best as you can use pliers, hands, teeth, whatever. Sometimes when you do this some metal coating flakes off, but don't worry about that.

Now it would be a good idea to straighten it with a vise.

This is optional, but I feel it makes it easier to work with: If you have a gas stove with open burners on top or a torch, hold one end of the metal with pliers and heat the end you plan to be working with until it is glowing red and let it cool. This softens the metal slightly so that it can be shaped easier. **put the metal at the tips of the flames, not down in the blue area, because the tips are the hottest points and it will heat up faster**

Now depending on your keychain ring or the lock your picking the tip might need to be flattened out to fit in the hole. Just hit it a couple times with a hammer on a hard surface.

Next, whether you're making a pick or a tension wrench you can file the sides accordingly. A wrench would just have a square tip and you should put a 90 degree bend in it (vise or pliers). If you're making a pick you can file and kind of shape in the head you want.






Whatever, be creative.

Finally if you heated it to soften the metal earlier we head back and heat the head to a bright red again and this time it must be cooled very quickly in a cup of water, this re-hardens the metal.

... And THERE YA GO a lovely set of lock opening tools, I just hope you can use em as well as you can make them.

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