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How to open a Master combination lock

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How do you get those Master combination locks open when you've
lost the combination? I found this file on a BBS and re-edited it to
make sense. There was no reference to an author, so he will remain
forever unknown.

The Master Lock Company has made this kind of lock with a built
in protection device. When you pull the shank of the lock (the part
that springs open when you have given the lock the correct
combination), the combination dial will not turn. That failure to
rotate provides the key to being able to open a Master combination
lock once you have forgotten the combination (something we are all
prone to do!). There are three (3) numbers to a Master combination
lock. You might want to get out a lock to understand easier.

To determine the first number:

Grasp the shank and gently pull on it. Do not pull it too hard
or the dial will not turn at all! While pulling on the shank, rotate
the dial to the LEFT until it will not rotate any further. Read the
number under the index. Add 5 to this number and you have determined
the first of the three numbers.

To determine the second number:

Relax the pressure on the shank and turn the dial completely
around three to four times to the left. Rotate the dial to the right
to the first number you determined. Then rotate the dial further to
the right, bypassing the number once. When you have bypassed your
first number, again gently begin pulling the shank and continue
rotating the dial. It will eventually fall into a "groove" and the
dial will cease to rotate. While in the groove, pull on shank and
turn the dial. If the dial is lose and feels sloppy, go to the next
groove. If the know will not rotate at all then you have determined
the second number.

To determine the third number:

After getting the second number, relax the pressure on the shank
and re-spin the dial. Then enter the first two numbers. After the
second number, go to the right and at all the numbers give the handle
a pull. The lock will eventually open if you did it right. If you
can't do it the first time, be patient. Lock picking is not learned
overnight and it takes time.


If you have better ways to unlock these or other combination
locks, please write or call me at the above address. Thank you.

Richard Bash
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