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Rare and Exotic Drugs

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

2C-T-7 by Alexander Shulgin
 Synthesis of 2C-T-7
 This is the 2CB designer drug FAQ as taken from Internet
5-MeO-AMT: A Survivor's Cautionary Tale by GrandTheftAudio
 A Rave, a Rage, and a Blackout.
A Bad Experience Eating Mandrake Root
 Mandrake contains Scopalamine, which is, along with Atropine, also found in thorn apple/belladonna. both were commonly used in 'witches potions' to induce out of body experiences, so my plan was to try to leave my body.
A Complete Synthesis for TMA, Ecstasy's Close Relative by Alexander Shulgin
 Some info on the wonderful drug TMA or TriMethoxyAmphetamine, a hybrid of mescaline and amphetamine. Includes full synthesis and info on what it's like.
An African Aphrodisiac
 Making love while stoned on Khij is an incredibly beautiful experience.
Analysis of L- Trytophan
Aphrodisiacs by Aquarian
 Aphrodisiacs! The word itself can send a tingle of anticipation down your spine. Throughout the ages almost every culture has used various `substances', usually herbal in origin, to put some zip into their love lives or in an attempt to cure the impotent.
Average San Pedro Dry Dosages by trichocereus pachanoi enthusiast
 Dry dosage of cactus granules
Basic facts on Estrogen
Bibliography of Herb research (1991)
Blue Lotus: a very pleasant legal high by T-zone
 Blue Lotus is a flower used for years by the Egyptians. It can be used to obtain a very pleasant cannabis-like buzz and is completely legal.
Brugmansia and Daturas by Phantastica
 Me and my Brug.
Calamus Root by Jeremy Richardson
 I drank this *horribly* bitter brew at around 10 o'clock, and experienced little (if any) of the anticipated effects. However, to my chagrin, at around 3, I felt ill.
Calea Zacatechichi
 Used by the Chontal Indians of Oaxaca as a tea, believed to clarify the senses. Emboden says they roll cigarettes from the leaves, lie down to smoke quietly, drinking the tea as well.
Chemical children - legal highs [SLF]
Chloral Hydrate
 How to make Chloral Hydrate
Cholinomimetic Hallucinations Induced by Valerian and Lavender
 The intake of a combination of a certain amount of drops of the pure essential oils of Valeriana officinalis and Lavandula essential oils led to the appearance, after about 40 minutes,of remarkable cholinergic-like hallucinations observed in complete darkness
Codine FAQ
Cognition-Enhancement Drugs by Michael Hutchison and John Morgenthaler
 Other mind-magnifying drugs have emerged as well as even more astonishing evidence of their ability to amplify learning, memory and thinking. What we don't know is how to best use them together, or even whether they should be used together.
Common everyday coleus
Confessions of an English Opium Eater by Thomas de Quincey
 It is so long since I first took opium, that if it had been a trifling incident in my life, I might have forgotten its date: but cardinal events are not to be forgotten; and from circumstances connected with it, I remember that it must be referred to the autumn of 1804. During that season I was in London, having come thither for the first time since my entrance at college.
Cooking San Pedro
DMT in Arundo Donax
 It contains some DMT, but not very much. Someone told me the other day that a friend of theirs that is investigating this (solicited samples from interested parties, and used thin layer chromatography to assay the root stocks)
Description and Treatment for MPTP-Contaminated Designer Drugs
 The concept of designer drugs is to manipulate the chemical structure of a narcotic, for example, and create a totally new compound. Although the science of medicinal chemistry involves predictions of structure-activity relationships regarding psychodynamic effects, associated toxicities are frequently unexpected.
Divine Mushroom of Immortality by George Heinrich von Langsdorf
 To demonstrate this assertion, I should like to say at this point something about the fly-agaric, which we regard as extremely poisionous but which is used by various inhabitants of northeastern Asia as an intoxicant just as wine, brandy, arrack, opium, kava, and the like are used by other nations.
File On How To Grow And Make Opium
GHB or Liquid E by White Rabbit
 GHB, GBH, or liquid e, was first brought to the UK media's attention as a rape drug. After trying it, I could understand why. You feel heightened sensitivity of touch, coupled with the same warmth and trust towards others that MDMA induces. Except much, much stronger.
Herbal Smoking Mixtures by Phil Osopher
 I found this nifty little tidbit in the school library and thought everyone might like to look it over. It comes from the book 'Mastering Herbalism'.
Herbal teas can be cool
Herbs and Their Magical Uses
 A long list of herbs and their potential magical uses
Heroin purification to nearly USP
Hints on growing San Pedro cactus
How Do You Feel After You Lick a Toad? by Ellen Uzelac
 Licking toads will not give you warts or produce a fairy prince, but it might get you high.
How to Make Ayhuasca Brew by The CID
 How to make Ayhuasca brew; a sacred shamatic beverage with high doses of DMT.
How to make opium from poppies
How to make the Original DreamMachine, the Flicker
Ibogaine: Potential for Application in Drug Addiction Treatment by Jon
 Ibogaine is a powerful psychoactive compound derived from a plant native to Central Africa. Reports indicate that it may have potential for application in drug abuse treatment due to its unique anti-addictive and anti-withdrawal properties.
Info about Ginkgo Biloba
Info about nootropics and the FDA
Info on Bufotenine
Info on Bufotenine, Derivitive of DMT
 The 5-hydroxy derrivative of DMT, bufotenine, or N,N-dimethyl-serotonin, is another naturally occuring tryptamine found to occur in South American Snuffs (also Bufo).
Info on rohypnol
Information on Legal Psychoactives
Information on Nutmeg
Inhaling Freon = Don't by Steve Dillinger
 A report on inhaling freon.
Jimson Weed
 Jimson weed is Datura Stramonium, a member of the nightshade family. If you want hallucinations this is your drug. However "you" are not there to experience them. This stuff takes over completely and irreversibly for at least 24 hours.
Kaemnferia Galanga by Chris Hooten
 Discussing properties of galanga root that might possibly be hallucinogenic.
Kaempferia Galanga info
Ketamine and the Near-Death Experience by Scott Rogo
 Contends that the phenomenology that typically accompanies the near-death experience (NDE) is sometimes a by-product of ketamine, an anesthetic used in both medical and recreational settings.
Knock Out Drops
List of nootropics dealers
Lots of Info on 2CB
 Doses are 12-24mg, Duration is 4-8 hours. Doses of 100mg have been taken safely. 2C-B seems to be an extraordinarily colorful hallucingen similar to LSD -- apparently somewhat analytical and dissasociative in higher doses or in those sensitive to those effects.
Making Kryponite by mister-potatoe-head
 Something fairly easy to make that was merely a dumb idea that popped into my head.
May You Never Sleep: Cognition Enhancing Drugs by R.U. Sirius
 Vasopressin is marketed as Diapid, a prescription drug made by our old friends Sandoz. I had five squirts of Vasopressin out of a nasal inhaler. I was surprised by how strong the effects were. I had that charged-up hyperconfident rush that one experiences with cocaine, but combined with much clearer ideation and without the numbing and discomfort which often accompany even the more euphoric coke highs. It didn't last very long, about two hours, most of which unfortunately spent riding the BART and walking.
Mexican Mint
Moonflower, Jimsonweed: Stay Away by Alex
 Stay away from this stuff at any cost.
Motion- sickness drug as hallucinogen?
My Experience with Camellia Sinesis by Gurgg
 Green tea, camellia sinesis, whatever you happen to call it isnt worth the hype but it does have several helping effects.
NIDA Capsule C- 88- 06 (May 1994) Marijuna Update
Natural Highs FAQ
 The substances listed here are arranged in a fairly straightforward format. If a certain section is missing from a certain substance, it means that I had no information to put in that section or it didn't apply. The substances are ordered alphebetically, sorted according to Botanical Family name, then Genus name, then (if necessary) Species name.
Natural and Other Legal Intoxicants by Nick J. Piazza and Carson Mansfield
 There are, however, a number of substances which are less well-known and frequently not controlled under current social policies. The authors feel couselors should be aware of the psychoactive potential of these substances. Substances included in the present article include: wild lettuce, ololiuqui, atropine, scopolamine, the prickly poppy, catnip, dextromethorphan, and nutmeg.
Neurotransmitter used as depressant
Nutmeg FAQ
Ololiuqui: Nightmare on the Gastro, Waste of Money! by Pine Tree Man
 My friend and I drank the tincture, got hella sick.
Other fun drugs Quasi- Legal
OxyContin is Hell! by The Mystic Death
 Here is my short horrifying experience with OxyContin
Passionflower article
Peganum Harmala: The Hallucinogenic Herb of the American Southwest by Albert Most
 The seeds, as well as the roots, of P. harmala contain a mixture of the harmala alkaloids, armine and harmaline. These unusual alkaloids are psychoactive derivatives of B-carboline. When admnstered to man, the harmala alkaloids are serotonin antagonists, CNS stimulants, hallucinogens and extemely potent, short term MAO inhibitors.
Petroleum Ether Drug Use by cross-one
 It smells like gasoline and the high basically lets you think at the speed of light. If all the world happens at once and time is only an illusion ether helps you wake up from the illusion. For about 5 or so minutes.
Piracetam info
Plug My Ass In by Deathwing
 A first-time salvia trip report.
Preparation of A. Muscaria
 This wonderful carpophore has a oddly dangerous "taboo" surrounding it which is undeserved. Granted, it does contain some toxins. These have been HIGHLY overemphasized, *PLUS* there has been a great deal of misinformation about this mushroom.
 One time in 1977 or so in college, a girl I knew got some ludes from her philosophy professor, and she made me do one with some whippets, just before I got to go and meet Buckminster Fuller.
Reply to Mystic Death's Article on Oxycontin by Mike4BCgold
 Oxycontin does not produce hallucination. I know this because where Im from the only pills are Oxys and the doses and prices he wrote are ridiculous.
Salvia Divinorum and its Unique Effects by xx_fukker_xx
 A brief overview of my experiences tripping on salvia divinorum.
San Pedro Cactus Seeds
 I recently received their catalog and they have quite a difference in price. For 100 seeds the price is a whopping .90 while for 1000 seeds the price is $6.
San Pedro cactus info
Smart Drugs: An Interview by NPR
 I have a Mind-Mix, which has a gram of choline and 800 milligrams of phenylaline. All of my drinks have a phenylaline kicker. The first time somebody tries it I want them to feel it. The next one is Body-Batch. That has six grams of argenine, which stimulates your growth hormone.
Terrence McKenna, Camden Centre by Terrence McKenna
 What I thought I would talk about tonight since I figure we did our homework during my last visit, is how the psychedelic experience which we have as individuals relates to the global future that we can feel the world being swept toward and how this relates to our planetary paths.
The Dextromethorphan FAQ
 File on dxm - legal substance, powerful as lsd, little/no side effects.
The Love Drug by Andrew Weil
 MDA is known as the love drug in the American subculture because of its reputation for producing loving feelings in groups of people. The initials stand for 3,4-Methylene-dioxy-amphetamine and the drug is a straightforward derivative of amphetamine, first synthesized in Germany in 1910. Its effects on human beings are much more interesting than simple stimulation. When I first encountered MDA in 1970, I took it a number of times and since then have observed its effects on a great many people.
The Modern Moroccan
 For more than 100 years the Moroccan government has allowed (ignored) kif cultivation near the pine-covered crest of the otherwise barren Rif Mountains, in a limited area closely surrounding the village of Ketama.
The Salvia Divinorum Experience by Paulo Gomes
 This article is about my experience last night with salvia divinorum (10X extract). Though I may sound completely fucked in the head (which I'm sure I have already countless times) this is something you'd really have to try for yourself to believe...
The culture and extraction of ergot alkaloids
This is the FAQ for GHB (the stuff that supposedly
Toad Licking: The Latest High
 Amphibians produce slime that causes hallucinations.
Trichoserus Pachanoi: Fruit of the Gods
 San Pedro mescaline cacti.
Underground Tool ''Liquidation'' by Weazel
 This is the drug that enables regular peoples minds to work with more than one part of there brain. The CIA and NSA use this on there agents or informants. But, this is also available in the underground street trading...
Valerian Root Extract by Pendracon
 Since the time of Dioscorides, 'valerian' has been prescribed for a variety if ills including edema, poisoning, congestion, epilepsy, indigestion, insomnia and a few others.
 Yage is EXCELLENT for increasing the intensity of P. cubensis intoxication. As little as 25 mg or so can VASTLY increase within minutes, the "levels" one is traversing.
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