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VIDEO: Joe Biden Gives Creepy Answer to Shocked Reporter: “Sucking the blood out of kids”

Joe Biden spoke to a gaggle of reporters upon his arrival at the White House when one reporter asked whether Democrats want to defund the police.

Biden looked at the reporter with disgust and said that Democrats aren’t trying to defund the police. A total lie. But then things took a turn for the creepier side of things when out of the blue, Biden asked if the Republicans think “were sucking the blood out of kids”…

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The shocked reporter stuttered and then said, “I’m not sure.” Biden smiled as he walked away.

The comment from Biden sparked a response about whether blood from young people makes older people younger.

The exchange above is another example of Biden’s strange comments that come from left field. His recent comments about kids looking for aliens also was a head-scratcher.

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Coincidentally, Biden had this to say during his CNN town hall:

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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