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You don’t have to hate women to take the Red Pill


I want to shed light on a problem that has been bringing a lot of issues and negative attention to the Red Pill community, a community that I have actually learned a lot from, about women, about relationships in general.

IllimitableMan & Rollo Tommasi are the two I’d say I learned the most from, my attitudes towards women are no different than they were before I took the pill, but I will say it has brought me to a deeper understanding of women and how to understand them in general.

Nonetheless, time and time again I see Red Pill and it’s teachings being associated with misogyny, with being a men’s rights group, with hating women and the belief that they are nothing but sex toys.

I can understand where these notions may be perceived from, as being a member of the Red Pill reddit I have seen instances of such occurring.

However, framing the idea of a society off of the actions of one inner sector would be a bit like how the media tries to punish all muslims/arabs for the crimes their various sectors have committed (9/11, ISIS, the German Refugee Crisis etc).

Within the various many identifying sects of Red Pill there is a group that has experienced much hate for its attitudes towards women – Pick Up Artists, commonly referred to as “PUA”s.

These are the main ones that you will find that have objectifying views towards women, the ones the media commonly refers to as misogynistic and draws the ire of feminists everywhere.

I don’t think I can find a bigger example than roosh.

But there are many people who identify with the traits and tools of the PUA community but do not identify themselves as such largely because of the views towards women that community portrays.

Myself included.

There are many people who don’t identify as PUA but Identify as Red Pill (Me), and Vice Verse (Roosh is an example, to my knowledge).

There are those that try to be like or emulate their favorite PUA in order to be more successful with women, and end up looking like a fool because everyone’s tactics don’t always work universally. They don’t know how to be themselves or don’t even have the basic concepts of style, hygiene or fitness down – but they think they’ll go spit some pick up lines and take 3 girls home.

There are those that can use the techniques of game (although I find it more useful in sales situations) and apply it towards women, but still understand that it is possible to foster relationships with women.

The difference is how you approach it.

The key to being able to have stable and healthy relationships with women, while also maintaining your sanity and a healthy view of them is simple.

You must never put all of your eggs in one basket.

Your relationship must never be the key or main focus of your life.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you value your relationship/significant other more than anything in your life, run, very quickly.

You have developed an addiction, and as we all know those never end well.

Abundance Mentality is crucial here, and don’t confuse yourself here and assume I’m talking about constant cheating (don’t get me wrong though, if you’re into that do your thing – just don’t get caught).

Abundance Mentality is having a healthy view that although you may grow to the point where you truly love, care for and cherish your partner, if they walked out of your life right now you would continue living life as if nothing happened.

It may sound harsh, but it’s true and it’s necessary to keep yourself from falling into the dangerous trap of oneitis, and being stuck in a never ending cycle of unhappiness, loneliness and a lack of success with women.

I’ve found myself personally to enjoy having a harem of women – that is, a few simultaneous long term suitors (notice I say suitors and not relationships here, this is one of the keys to a harem, the understanding that you are not exclusive no matter how hard she requests).

However you personally choose to treat women though, remember that although the Red Pill may stress things like never getting into a relationship, treating every situation with them with aggression (which doesn’t always work) and the need to be an “Alpha”, do not let swallowing the pill change or shape your frame of women into that of a disposable sex toy,

At the same time, do not let yourself fall into the vein of “falling in love” or thinking she is the “one”, at any moment for any reason (and women don’t necessarily need a reason) she can leave you, and when she does what will you do?

You remember from an earlier post, I laid out the foundation for my concept of how I rank women in terms of importance and placement in my life.

I’ve recently gotten to a point with a suitor in my harem where she may find herself moving up a rung on the Lust Ladder due to her performances in trying to romanticize me, and in sexual areas.

With me, looks are an attraction factor but they don’t determine anything in terms of placement. A lot of women have a problem of doing the same types of things that are annoying, unattractive and a turn off towards me and probably most other men in general.

You can find a nice looking girl anywhere, but not a lot of them are interesting, are smart and actually know what they are talking about, that can actually hold a good conversation.

There’s another who has been in place for quite some time now, and who may actually be able to encourage me to take a break from my harem-ing. Sometimes the comfort you receive from one trumps the rest, but there is a catch.

Even if I do decide to travel down that path, throughout the whole relationship I will know, that no matter what she says or does to make me believe otherwise – there is the possibility at any time of her deciding to just leave for god knows what reason.

But whenever this does happen, I will blink twice and dispel the situation from my mind, and I will put that much more work and focus into my craft, use the extra time I now have at my disposal to it’s maximum productivity, and I will continue to live.

But what if this happens to you?

Will you continue your life, will you move on and put all of the newfound time and energy you have into your grind, your hustle, your business?

Or will you sit on the couch eating ice cream in a depression because “you’ll never find another one like her?” (hint: there are MILLIONS more of them out there).

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